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By: Autumn Leaf  11-11-2011
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Services offered by Autumn Leaf Funeral Home:

Financial Support Services
Depending on your chosen plan, we offer:

  1. Financial Support before the Funeral
  2. Financial Funeral Support
  3. Specialised Support Services after the Funeral
  4. Additional Services Support for those unexpected moments

Undertaking Services
We offer a full detailed list of services. Service offerings is dependent on selected packages, herewith a brief outline:

Funeral Services and Funeral Policy Administration

  1. Removal, storage and preparation of the deceased loved one
  2. Registration of death
  3. Assistance in grave arrangements
  4. Supply of a Casket or Coffin
  5. Supply of night vigil facilities (Coffin, Stand, Trolley and Screen)
  6. Supply of Hearses and Family cars
  7. Flowers
  8. Order of service leaflets
  9. Audio Visual presentations and equipment
  10. Operational Equipment (Tent, Tables, Cloths and Chairs)
  11. Grave Marker
  12. Graveside decorations

Children's funerals
The death of a child will usually be the most distressing event that happens to any family. No parent expects their child to die before them and losing a child seems very unnatural. Our sympathetic staffs have been trained in assisting grieving parents and will sensitively help you with the choices that have to be made. We have a selection of caskets designed for a child’s funeral.

Funeral music recommendations

As people's attitudes change to the type of funeral service they want, more and more people are choosing a service that reflects the person and the sort of life they led. It is increasingly common to incorporate favourite musical compositions, both classical and contemporary as part of the remembrance of a loved one

Coffins & caskets
We have a wide range of coffins & caskets suitable for burial or cremation in a variety of modern & traditional designs, materials and finishes.

Our vehicles
Traditional Hearse - Our modern fleet of vehicles are regularly updated and are specifically designed for use within the funeral profession.
Limousine - For the funeral cortege limousines are available, seating up to six people, for your convenience and comfort.

Floral tributes
Losing a loved one is hard and the flowers you choose to say farewell are often of great personal significance to you. Let Flowers Forever preserve your flowers and frame them with special items, for a unique and lasting tribute.
We offer a wide range of funeral tributes, ranging from coffin sprays to wreaths, coffins and personalised tributes.

The Order of Service - Helping you Design & Print the Perfect Tribute
Autumn Leaf Funeral Home is offering a special service facility. By working with our partners we offer a service where you can create high quality, personalised, orders of service using the best available materials and the most up to date technology.
We help you to bring the added personal touch to the funeral.

In addition we offer a Audio Visual service whereby we assist you in creating a slide show for your loved ones to view during and after the funeral service

You therefore have:

  1. Total freedom of design, together with our most popular designs.
  2. A full range of hymns and reading selections.
  3. The unique ability, via the website, for multiple family and friends to view and be involved in the design of the order of service.
  4. Highest quality paper and printing.

Bereavement and Support counseling
During this deepest time of lost for the family and closest friends we offer additional support:

  1. Dedicated counsellors
  2. Follow-up support and assistance after the funeral arrangements and servic is over

Estate planning and Probate Administration

  1. Helping you with the legal and financial issues - Taking care of the legal and financial issues when somebody dies is a complex and daunting task, requiring specialist knowledge. It is important to take the right steps immediately to make sure that any dependants are financially secure. We can help take this responsibility and stress away from you.
  2. What is Probate? - When a person dies somebody has to deal with their estate (the money, property and possessions left) by collecting in all the money, paying any debts and distributing the estate to those people entitled to it. The term probate often means the issuing of a legal document to one or more people authorising them to do this

Catering, Cleaning and Relevant Support Services

  1. Catering Staff
  2. Cleaning Staff
  3. Catering Equipment (Pots, Gas, Staves, Crockery, Cutlery and Glassware)
  4. Preparation and servicing of food
  5. Cleaning of catering equipment and catering location

Training and Staff Development
Autumn Leaf Funeral Home prides ourselves in our training and development of our associates (Staff). Autumn Leaf Funeral home will invest in the industry by offering its training to required individuals and companies

We have invested to ensure that the Autumn Leaf Service Excellence standard is a guaranteed memorable standard, as our slogan says,

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