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By: Accuspray  11-11-2011
Keywords: Compressed Air, Gun, Polymer Material


AccuSpray Series # 10 Composite gun for Turbines

This gun is designed for use with turbines although it can be easily converted to compressed air by adding a 36-00 regulator. The gun bodies are molded from a composite polymer material which is smooth, durable, and very lightweight. This material is perfect for turbine guns because it is light, comfortable and insulates and shields the painter's hand from the warm air flow generated by the turbine motor. The molding properties allow for wide, sweeping air passages to be molded into the gun body, allowing air to flow through the gun freely and easily. Another advantage of our composite guns is that they can be completely rebuilt inside and out.

Accuspray's turbine guns are extremely versatile and are not limited to turbine use. With a 36-00 regulator attached, these guns can be operated on shop air with no sacrifice in performance. Without the built-in pressure reducer found in typical compressed air guns, our turbine guns provide smoother air flow particularly suited for fine finish applications such as automotive and wood finishing. These guns will break up the most difficult to atomize materials with as little as 8psi of air pressure at the regulator and produce a large, finely atomized fan pattern every time.• The Composite gun is able to be split, opened and cleaned
• This is the only gun on the market with this feature!
• The composite body is fully guaranteed by the manufacturer
• Parts/seals are easily replaced

Keywords: Compressed Air, Gun, Polymer Material

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AccuSpray SA - guns composite

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