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By: Accuspray  11-11-2011
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AccuSpray Series 12S Composite Guns for ProductionThis series of guns is designed for use with compressed air. Our compressed air guns require only 10-12cfm at 90psi. This can usually be provided by a compressor as small as 5hp. The gun bodies are molded from a composite polymer material which is smooth, durable, and very lightweight. The molding properties allow for wide, sweeping air passages to be molded into the gun body, allowing air to flow through the gun freely and easily. Another advantage of our composite guns is that they can be completely rebuilt inside and out. #12S
This 6:1 pressure ratio gun is built for production. It is light and comfortable as well as very durable. It incorporates all of our composite gun features. Accuspray offers a wide variety of needle, nozzle and air cap sizes to meet your finishing needs. This gun is especially popular in the wood finishing industry. Accuspray offers a variety of gun, pot, Double diaphragm pump and hose packages which incorporate the 12S gun.#12SZ
This is a special version of the 12S gun designed to apply zinc based coatings. All of the "wetted" parts are made of polymer materials--the fluid passage, the air cap, the needle and the nozzle. This virtually eliminates the build up of zinc coatings that occurs on metal surfaces. In addition, zinc coatings can be easily cleaned from the polymer surfaces in these guns.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
An "Oldie" takes on a new lease of life
About 10 years ago I supplied an AccuSpray Vgun/6 to a furniture factory. This gun has operated off a pressure pot then upgraded to a double diaphragm pump. The last sprayer did not look after his equipment and just dumped the gun into thinners for the night.WRONG! This is a very bad procedure. When immersed in the thinners the paint tends to precipitate out and the thinners is blown off the next morning. This leaves a lining of paint in the internal passages of the gun which eventually results in a most inefficient gun with restricted paint and air passages.For standard makes of guns this is a one way trip to the garbage can. For AccuSpray – no problem – the gun is composed of two body halves which can be unscrewed, the components removed, cleaned and replaced with new seals, springs, etc.Hey Presto! The gun has a new lease of life. Being refurbished it can be assumed to have the performance of a new gun! Check out the pics below of the before and after.
Another good reason to use Accuspray equipment which has stood the test of time and is still a leader in technology.Before - Note the build up of paint After- Looks like a new Gun!

Keywords: Compressed Air, Gun, Paint, Polymer Material

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Without the built-in pressure reducer found in typical compressed air guns, our turbine guns provide smoother air flow particularly suited for fine finish applications such as automotive and wood finishing. This material is perfect for turbine guns because it is light, comfortable and insulates and shields the painter's hand from the warm air flow generated by the turbine motor.


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