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By: Atlanticape Inspections  11-11-2011
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AtlantiCape Inspections, LLC P.O. Box 3350 7809 Wellington Ave., Margate NJ 08402 Phone (609) 431-0202

AtlantiCape Inspections, LLC provides inspection services for new home buyers, sellers, and owners. Also, AtlantiCape provides commercial inspections for light commercial properties including retail stores, restaurants, office buildings and lodging establishments. All inspections are under the direct responsibility of a NJ-licensed home inspector who has the additional credentials of being a Licensed Professional Engineer. AtlantiCape's goal is to provide our clients with a thorough inspection and detailed report in a timely manner and with superior follow-up following delivery of the report.

Regarding inspection fees, AtlantiCape Inspections, LLC accepts personal checks, certified funds, cash, and credit cards (Visa/Mastercard/AMEX). Under certain circumstances, we will also consider bartering our professional service fee for equivalent value of products or services provided by our clients. For more information, call us at (609) 487-7757.



Single Family Home or Townhouse Inspection for Home Buyers
This inspection follows, at a minimum, the New Jersey Standards of Practice for licensed home inspectors. Service includes 3 - 4 hour thorough inspection, comprehensive report with color photos available the same evening, and post-inspection follow-up. Duplex full inspections properties - add $150.00 to listed fees.

1 BR - $350.00
2 BR - $400.00
3 BR - $450.00
4 & 5 BR - $500.00
6 BR and above - call (609) 431-0202

Condominium Inspection (interior inspection only, common areas excluded - typically for dues-paying condo association members)
Includes 1 1/2 hour thorough inspection, comprehensive report with color photos available same evening, and post-inspection follow-up.

1 -2 BR - $195.00
3 - 4 BR - $245.00

Pre-Listing Inspection for Home Sellers
An inspection of the major systems and components designed to help educate home sellers about issues that could jeopardize the home sale or result in exessive pre-settlement financial concessions. Knowing about, and making informed decisions on your home's defects BEFORE the buyers make an offer (and the buyer's home inspector visits) is of great value to sellers. Written defect report is include. ALSO INCLUDED: Complementary review of your buyer's home inspection repair request.

$250.00 - single family home
$350.00 - duplex /twin

"As-is" Property Inspection (key components and systems inspection)
Designed as a go/no-go evaluation for investors or buyers of "as-is" marketed properties. Inspection focuses on the condition of hot-button items like roof, foundation/crawlspace, heating/air conditioning, and electric service, plus any visible leaks. Summary written defect report is included. This inspection is for the buyer's information only and is NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE A FULL-SERVICE NJ "STANDARDS OF PRACTICE" HOME INSPECTION.

$250.00 - single family home
$350.00 - duplex

(travel surcharge may apply for distance greater than 20 miles)

Focused/Targeted Inspection (inspection of a specific area of interest or concern such as structural, deck, roof, fire escape, crawlspace, mechanical systems, etc.)
Includes 1+ hour inspection of area of interest, same day e-mail report, and post-inspection follow-up.

$250.00 - single family home
$350.00 - duplex/twin

Residential Energy Inspection (performed by sister company )


(travel surcharge may apply for distance greater than 20 miles from Margate)

$250.00 - site visit & consultation only; with written report, $350.00

On-Site Meeting - Structural Consultation
Service includes one meeting on-site at the request of client to evaluate and/or discuss options for structural repairs or alterations; no formal report needed. For distance in excess of 20 miles from Margate, NJ, refer to extended travel charge noted below.


"Second Opinion" inspection consultation - residential
Review and opinion of specific identified home inspection problem, to help un derstand and overcome deal-killing issues. Will consult with Realtor, seller or buyer.

No fee for one phone consultation

$100 for site visit of 1 hour

Return visit charge - residential (client requested)
Service to re-inspect items seller agreed to repair prior to settlement; also, fee charged If client requests the inspector to return complete an inspection due to lockout, lack of utility service, or inability to inspect area or component that was beyond's the inspector's control.


Extended travel charge
Full home inspections and commercial inspections: For travel in excess of 40 miles one way from AtlantiCape's office in Margate, NJ
All other services: For travel in excess of 20 miles one way from AtlantiCape's office in Margate, NJ

$75.00 (may be waived - call)

Weekend/holiday residential inspection fee upcharge

$75.00 (presently waived)

Motels, Bed & Breakfasts Real Estate Inspection

$250.00 + $25.00 per guest room

Commercial Building Real Estate Inspection

Customized - call (609) 487-7757

Other home or commercial consultation services

$150.00 per hour

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Keywords: home inspection, Home Inspector

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