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By: Atlantic Solar  11-11-2011

Atlantic Solar manufactures a rage of quality solar panels.

At this stage Atlantic Solar manufactures three different series of solar flat panels: The Econo-Line, Dura-Line and Pro-Line.

The Econo-Line is for low end applications where a lesser thermal specification is required;
The Dura-line is the middle of the range durable collector designed to offer consistently good value for money;
The Pro-Line on the opposite end of the range is designed as the flagship collector in our range.

The Atlantic Solar Econo-Line series is available in two sizes being a 1.2m and 1.7m and is available in any colour as long as it is white. The absorber manifold is designed to provide an acceptable efficiency but at a comparable cost and is intended for projects that are constrained for a particular budget. These are only sold to large scale developments, housing projects and particular agricultural applications. The Econo-Line series does not have SABS certification and comes with a 3 year warranty.

The Atlantic Solar Dura-Line series is designed to provide a solar panel with a higher thermal efficiency than the Econo-Line yet to be an affordable collector within reach of the normal consumer. The Dura-Line range of panels are available in three sizes being 1.2m, 1.7m and 2.2m and are available in white as standard or any other colour you can imagine at a nominal fee. In the Dura-Line range Atlantic Solar has several systems that carry the SABS mark of Approval. Generally we follow a tested principle where 1m2 of panel aperture area is used for every 60Litres of water to be heated and thus an 80L geyser is matched with a 1.2m panel; 150L geyser matched with a 2.2m panel and a 200L geyser matched with 2 x 1.7m panels.