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By: Atinco  11-11-2011

Key Points

Atinco has pioneered the creation of WAP portals, once again winning plaudits for their quality. Movistar placed Atinco’s WAP portals in its Excellent Site category in 2004.

The main features are:

  • Over 800 handsets supported.
  • Profiling in order to adapt content to user needs.
  • Portals are designed in three presentations.
  • 2-stage purchasing.
  • Simple paging.
  • Smart recommendations.
  • Alerts subscription.

Atinco WAP Portals

WAP portals are an extension of Atinco’s main sales channel. This model has grown increasingly important as technology develops in the countries where Atinco is present. Development depends on the roll-out of 2.5 and 3G networks by operators, guaranteeing navigation and a pleasant user experience.

Atinco has pioneered the creation of WAP portals, once again winning plaudits for their quality. For example, Movistar placed Atinco’s WAP portals in its Excellent Site category in 2004, making us the only firm to obtain this quality seal to date.


Let us begin by describing the principal features of Atinco WAP portals and then go on to explain the whys and wherefores of each one. The main features of Atinco’s WAP portals are as follows:

  • All of the portals functionalities are available in WAP NICE for advanced handset models and WAP LIGHT for simple handsets and I-MODE.
  • Portals support over 800 handsets.
  • Profiling in order to adapt content to user needs.
  • Search engines
  • Suggestions box
  • Gifts. This feature allows comparison of third party content, which can be sent as a “gift”.
  • Quick positioning and navigation
  • Subscription of SMS content and portal-latest alerts.
  • Smart paging

Design of WAP portals

Atinco WAP portals are designed in three different types of presentation, depending on the type of device. The service and business intelligence layer is integrated below the presentation layer, ensuring that the same services can be offered regardless of the technical characteristics of each handset. Presentation is automatic when the phone accesses the portal, which detects the optimum version:

  • Light WAP (LW): For terminals with limited graphics. This version is optimized to provide quick navigation without losing its attractive design.
  • Nice WAP (NW): For handsets with strong graphics performance (Nokia Series 60, SonyEricsson P800/P900, etc.). This version uses more graphic elements, maximizing the performance of the phone.
  • iMode: For handsets using iMode technology

The WAP portal’s data model is integrated with a common content management repository feeding all sales channels (WAP, web, SMS, etc.) to facilitate maintenance and management.

WAP navigability

In a medium such as mobile telephony, it is essential to make full use of all of the features provided by handsets. Creating a good user experience and facilitating navigation and access to content is vital to guarantee recurring revenues from a portal, as well as generating user loyalty and creating a clear competitive advantage. Atinco’s portals provide the following navigation advantages:

  • 2-stage purchasing. The minimum steps required for the user to make easy, secure purchases.
  • Daily content (featured) on the portal home page. New content is published and featured every day.
  • Profiling with different content featured on the portal home page. The number of content items listed is parametizable. Functioning:
    • When a user enters the portal for the first time, a selection of the most successful content is made and presented on the home page.
    • If the user has ever made a purchase, a profiling engine generates a list of the content that is most likely to be of interest based on the user’s tastes. The home page adapts to user tastes as the system learns more about the customer. Profiling is based on the tastes of both the individual user and peers consuming the same kind of content.
  • Simple paging limited to 4 links, allowing the user to move backwards and forwards through content. If a category has more than 5 pages, only the adjacent four are shown to avoid confusing users with too many links. Two further links “Back” and “Forward” are also provided.
  • Access Keys in iMode and “Nice WAP” versions for functionality access (not content). Frequent users of the portal can access the most popular sections using key combinations. For example, users quickly learn that pressing “1” will link to “Top Downloads”, while pressing “4” will call up a search. The aim is once again to ensure user-friendly navigation.
  • “Top downloads” category in the home page. This feature allows users to easily view the portal’s most successful content, and the category is fully based on the actual downloads sought by users, providing straightforward access to the most successful content.

WAP tools and services

As in the case of navigation design, we seek to create an optimum experience for the user. Atinco has created a series of WAP tools and services for its portals, providing straightforward access to content and ensuring that the user is kept informed of all new features in the portals. These services are a way of enhancing customer loyalty not only through content quality and the optimization of the user experience, but through value added services. Atinco includes the following services in its portals:

  • General search. By entering a complete word in the search tool, the user can automatically locate content bearing a similarity to the keyword. The search algorithm is “smart” and weights the words that appear most often in the content repository, as well as the most searched for words.
  • Search by artist (ranked by initials “[ABC]-[DEF]…). This provides fast access to all melodies belonging to the same artist. Though users can of course gain access in a general search by entering the artist’s name, this method is quicker and more intuitive and, at the least, represents an alternative for the user.
  • Recognition of 95% of handsets connecting to the portal. This is one of the key success factors, because customers can often find that there is no content available for their devices. Our technical team constantly optimizes the device profiling system, and Atinco portals currently support over 400 different handsets, for which it adjusts the maximum number of polytones supported “on-the-fly”, as well as the maximum KB per file, file format, etc.
  • Gift tunes for other friends and family, etc. This is an additional service for our customers, but we also trust it will become a tool to capture new customers. This is because Atinco offers everybody who receives a gift the option not only of downloading the tune but also of visiting the portal. The gift is playable on the handsets of any cell phone operator in the country in question, regardless of the the WAP portal customer’s individual provider.
  • Smart recommendations: This is a profiling service (or on the first visit to the portal a recommendation). It consists of featuring three tunes on the home page to encourage impulse buying and to capture visitors to the portal who are not yet customers.
  • Suggestions box provided free of charge. This utility allows users to send us their suggestions, requests and complaints. Atinco utilizes this information to improve service and the quality of the portal based on users’ experiences. It is vital for us to listen to our customers and meet their entertainment needs.
  • User-authorized notification – When any updates are made in the portal affecting users’ tastes, Atinco immediately notifies subscribers to the alerts service of new features falling within their areas of interest. The information is communicated by sending an SMS free of charge to the user.
  • Alerts subscription. Any client can subscribe to one or more categories and to one or more artists depending on preferences. When any updates are made in the portal affecting a user’s tastes, Entretiene immediately notifies subscribers to the alerts service of new features falling within their areas of interest. The information is communicated by sending an SMS free of charge to the user.


All of Atinco’s content is stored on a “Single Content Base”, which allows unified management and independent quality assurance for the sales channel, the technology and users’ devices.

The Single Content Base is where all content is stored for sale over SMS, WAP and internet after it has passed Quality Assurance (QA) controls. This allows responsive use of all content without the need for adaptations or different repositories, with the consequent savings in management costs.

Content policy is dynamic, based on the premise of providing new content for users every day. We work hard to ensure that all new features appearing over the course of the week are made available to new customers, keeping interest alive with at least a daily update.

This update policy is not the end of the story, however, and the “Suggestions box” is used to keep permanently abreast of customers’ requests, which we seek to meet wherever possible. More than one update is launched every day, while we keep customers informed of their suggestions at all times in order to maintain their interest in Atinco portals.

The main content types distributed in WAP portals are:

  • Tunes
  • Images
  • Animations
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Text content (news, horoscopes, poems, jokes, magic charms, etc.)

WAP portal Quality Assurance

Atinco’s QA process is designed to ensure maximum care of the content sold to our customers. The process spans everything from the back-office tasks performed by the content team to the technological tools installed in the front-office for on-the-fly content adaptation depending on the handset.

In outline, the quality process is as follows:

  • The Atinco content department has entered into agreements with leading international content providers for the creation of tunes, images, games, etc., and it also produces and uses a wide range of proprietary content. This guarantees that the raw material used in our productions is of the highest possible quality.
  • When a composition arrives at our Content Department and the provider’s product has been accepted by our QA team, the content team adapts the product to ensure maximum quality even on low performance devices. In the case of tones, for example, if the handset handles only one track, this will be the most representative of the song. Likewise, if it can handle four tracks, these will be the most representative, providing the best possible sound.
  • After adaptation and refinement, content is passed on to the testing environment. Our testers perform the relevant quality controls using different devices in order to assure the quality and compatibility of content. If quality is poor, improvements are requested from the provider. If the content exhibits compatibility problems, the development and content team makes the necessary adaptations.
  • If there are no problems, the content is passed on to the pre-production environment, where tests are run again.
  • Assuming proper functioning, the content is passed on to the production environment and the Single Content Base. The tests are repeated once again to guarantee the production quality of tones in the portal.
  • In the front-office, our device profiling system allows adjustment of the number of polyphones, file size, format (midi-0, midi-1, sp-midi, etc.), image size, games profiles, animation frames and other content properties in real time depending on the handset used to access the portal. The system currently supports over 400 handset models covering 95% of devices accessing the portal.
  • After the content has gone into production, the customer relations content team receives users’ suggestions and takes any necessary measures (requests, suggestions, complaints, etc.).

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