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By: Atinco  11-11-2011
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Key Points

Atinco MVSS is a server that allows real-time video broadcasts to mobile handsets. The key features of Atinco’s streaming technology are:

  • Native 3GPP and Real Networks® formats
  • Smart bandwidth adaptation
  • GPRS, EDGE and UMTS support
  • Operators’ billing integration
  • One2One (unicast) and One2Many (multicast)
  • Flexible and scalable architecture

Atinco Mobile Video Streaming Server

What is the Atinco Mobile Video Streaming Server?

It is a server that allows real-time video broadcasts to mobile handsets. The key features of the streaming technology used are as follows:

  • Video-on-demand. Users see the video as soon as they press the play button without having to wait for the full download.
  • Live broadcasts. Streaming technology allows events such as concerts, sports, news, etc. to be broadcast live, generating a highly attractive business model.
  • Rights management. Because content is watched as it downloads and is not stored in the mobile device itself, copyright management is very efficient and piracy is impossible, allowing content providers to charge for each download.

About Streaming servers

If you wish to send a video or music to cell phone users in real time, you need a streaming server. Just as a web server handles Internet sites or a mail server handles e-mails, a streaming server is needed to send video or music in real time.

The streaming server relays video and audio flows to mobile handsets fitted with a video or audio client. The majority of multimedia handsets sold today include a player of this type and can be directly connected to the streaming server.

Requests are handled using Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), which controls the content flows sent in real time. Meanwhile, flows of images and sound are relayed using Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP), which sends audio and video flows over cell phone networks (GPRS, UMTS, EDGE, etc.)

Unicast vs. multicast

Atinco MVSS works on two different levels. The first creates an individual communications channel connecting each subscriber. This provides content on demand and the subscriber therefore has full control over content and can stop the playback, rewind, forward and so on. This is known as unicast or one-to-one broadcasting. The underlying business model for this service is content (video and audio) on demand. Subscribers can choose not only the content they want, but when and how they want to see it.

The other alternative provided by Atinco MVSS creates a simultaneous, shared communications channel for numerous subscribers. In this case, then, a group of subscribers simultaneously view the content . This model (known as “broadcasting” or “one-to-many transmission”) is normally used for television, where a central server broadcasts content and all subscribers see the same program at the same time. It is ideal for live broadcasts of sports events, news, concerts, etc. In this business model, subscribers do not have control over playback and, therefore, cannot stop, rewind or forward the broadcast.

In both cases, the Atinco MVSS billing platform provides a flexible payment model, allowing collection each time content is accessed. In both cases, the Atinco MVSS billing platform provides a flexible payment model, allowing content producers and distributors to charge users each time content is accessed or offer the option of daily, weekly, monthly or annual subscriptions.

The Atinco MVSS permits straightforward creation of economically viable MobileTV and MobileRadio models.

Key features

The key features of Atinco’s streaming technology are the following:

  • It supports native 3GPP and Real Networks® formats and works on practically all handsets equipped with a video player.
  • Continuous analysis technology adapts the data flow to the available bandwidth. As a result, the user never suffers broadcast interruptions due to defective cover, unless there is technically none at all. If cover worsens, compression is increased and quality declines a little, but when it improves, the server automatically enhances quality.
  • It supports GPRS, EDGE and UMTS mobile networks.
  • Integration with operators’ billing platforms makes content immediately chargeable
  • The administration system is dedicated to the content provider, allowing autonomous video feeding and access to relevant statistics.
  • Using RTP as the transmission protocol (HTTP can also be used for downloads), it supports both one-to-one (unicast) and one-to-many (multicast) broadcasts. Each user can access content individually on demand or the same content can be relayed simultaneously to multiple consumers.

Who is Atinco MVSS aimed at?

One of our goals is to serve players in the mobile telephony industry. Consequently, Atinco works in different scenarios depending on customers’ needs.

Atinco MVSS is aimed basically at three types of users:

  • Mobile telephony operators are natural customers for Atinco MVSS. Operators can choose to install the server at their own data centers or delegate the infrastructure to Atinco. In both cases, the operator can opt to license the technology or establish a pay-per-view model. Our goal is to provide a very short time-to-market at low cost.
  • Content providers: Atinco MVSS is designed to help content producers and distributors monetize their production. Integration with operators’ billing systems together with the use of streaming technology, which avoids handset storage, ensuring chargeability each time content is viewed while preventing any chance of piracy.
  • Intermediaries: Atinco MVSS enables distributors to fully integrate third party content while delegating back-office tasks (e.g. video loading and statistics) to producers. This generates cost savings and furnishes providers with a real-time sales data tool, allowing distributors to focus on their core business and leave content management to producers.


Atinco MVSS has a flexible, scalable architecture that can be simply integrated with the majority of operators’ systems. The core consists of two powerful video streaming engines, one of which relays 3GPP/MPEG4 video while the other uses the RealVideo/RealAudio® format.

In addition to the core, there are APIs available that ensure trouble-free addition of new functionalities. Meanwhile, management tools (e.g. the content manager and monitoring tool) allow easy maintenance of the technological infrastructure and low cost operation.

Keywords: Cell phone, video, Video Streaming

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