Extended Head

By: Asylum Research  11-11-2011

As sample features increase in height, a larger Z-range is required. Asylum Research has developed the MFP-3D Extended Head for use in its MFP-3D Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Systems. The unique head design allows a scan range of 40µm in Z for samples with higher features, and in particular, for bioscience applications including living cells and plant imaging.

The MFP-3D Extended Head utilizes the same Nanopositioning System (NPS™) sensors found in the standard head for unprecedented precision and accuracy. Z sensor noise is <0.3nm Adev in a 0.1Hz-1 kHz bandwidth (BW) and sensor non-linearity less than 0.2% (Adev/full travel) at full scan; Z height noise <0.06nm Adev, 0.1Hz-1kHz BW.

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ARgyle - 3D Rendering

Multiple images and channels of a single scan such as phase, amplitude, topography, MFM, conductivity may be opened and viewed simultaneously, or overlaid on a primary channel for signal correlation. The Asylum AFM system software is based in IGOR Pro, a powerful data and acquisition analysis program that allows users to customize the interface.