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By: Astellia  11-11-2011
Keywords: Data Services

Get unique intelligence on subscribers' service usage

Astellia’s Usage Analytics is a powerful, easy to use and flexible multidimensional analysis application.

It enables optimization, marketing and management teams to get unique insight on subscribers’ behavior and usage for mobile data services.

Multi-criteria analysis on the spot

The Usage Analytics application architecture allows manipulation of information in a very flexible manner. It calculates new KPIs in seconds from various criteria such as:

  • User groups,

  • Locations,

  • Handset types,

  • Mobile applications…

The Usage Analytics application provides:

  • Easy configuration of customized KPIs and graphs

  • Flexible investigation by applying multiple filters successively

  • Customizable reporting formats to view the results 

The application is designed to provide operators with detailed reporting and investigation capabilities over data service traffic and QoS.

Typical applications

  • Perform subscriber segmentation based on data usage,
  • Traffic usage reports for management, marketing & sales teams,
  • Usage analysis per application, mobile type, market panels,
  • Multidimensional investigation following customer complaints,
  • Traffic analysis per radio technology, location and per application,
  • Allocated and measured QoS per user group and per application.


Marketing use case:

Identify and quantify the most popular mobile applications used by their customers aged from 20 to 25 years old owning an iPhone 4.

Optimization use case:

The application also helps optimization teams to compare traffic over several cells and analyze their profiles based on the services and applications used.

For example, this intelligence will be used to adapt radio capacity per cell and fine-tune OMC (RNC, NodeB) configurations.

Keywords: Data Services

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