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By: Ash Permanent Make  11-11-2011

For Clients

We aim to improve your own image with a soft, natural enhancement to your appearance, whether you are young or elderly.

Advantages and benefits of Permanent Make-up

  • Aesthetic – look beautiful/handsome 24/7/365
  • No fuss – eliminate make-up clutter
  • Convenience – waterproof make-up that will not smudge, or run
  • Save Time – you’re always ready to go and you can squeeze more time into your day
  • Save Money – fewer cosmetic purchases
  • Relax more – you can "sleep in" longer
  • Liven up your face – avoid that "washed-out" appearance
  • For oily skin – avoids conventional smear and disappear
  • For active and sporty people – look natural and at your best, with freedom from the effects of perspiration
  • For other occupations – where you are required to look good all the time

Further advantages and benefits

  • For those that require scar camouflage work done on any noticeable flaw; permanent make-up covers up scars and other blemishes
  • For those with allergies or skin sensitivities to conventional cosmetics
  • For those that wear contact lenses or eyeglasses that cause watery eyes or smudged eye-liner
  • For those with motor skill impairments, due to Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, tremours or unsteady hands, limiting your ability to put on your make-up
  • To correct nature's “mistakes” (genetic disturbances), where one eyebrow is higher than the other, lips that shrink or lose colour with age, thin or uneven lips that take away from facial balance, etc
  • For those that have Vitiligo (also known as leukoderma or white spots on their skin) to return an even skin tone
  • For those that require skin re-pigmentation due to burns, where burn victims benefit from permanent make-up because the procedure helps with scar relaxation and certain facial features lost to severe burns are restored
  • For those suffering from Trichotillomania (also known as trichotillosis or more commonly as trich), characterised as hair loss from a patient's repetitive self-pulling of hair and is typified by the repeated urge to pull out , , , , , or other body hair, sometimes resulting in noticeable bald patches.

Personalised and Professional Service

We pay particular attention to the wellbeing and satisfaction of every client. We will spend time discussing style, shape and colour, prior to commencing your permanent make-up application, thus providing you with peace of mind about your treatment/procedure. Prior to the treatment/procedure you will have the opportunity to discuss the results you wish to achieve and how permanent make-up can enhance your appearance. We will also identify the pigment shades that work best with your hair, skin and eye colour. We will also analyse your particular facial features in order to determine the most complimentary look for your individual requirements.

After your treatment/procedure we will discuss your home- or after-care.

A follow-up or touch-up treatment is scheduled six weeks to no more than three months later, in order to fine-tune your style, shape and colour (pigment density) to perfection, if required.

If you have any queries about permanent make-up, or would like to schedule a consultation to discuss how you could benefit from permanent make-up, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

We truly believe that it is important to help others look and feel the very best they can. A week after the procedure (allowing for reduction in swelling and puffiness) you will look as though you are constantly wearing light make-up. It has a very positive psychological value. Sometimes medical, oftentimes personal, but it most certainly increases confidence and self-worth.

We will strive to satisfy all your Permanent Make-up requirements!




R 990

Eyeliner (top & bottom)

R 990


R 990

Full lips

R1 690

Lip-liner & lip shade

R1 290

Scar camouflage


Beauty marks


Hair imitation


Lash enhancement


Areola re-pigmentation


Body Art


Mucosal liner


Various corrective procedures




Stretch-mark camouflage


* 1 – Payment is either by means of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or cash. Unfortunately, we do not accept cheques, due to unforeseen circumstances.
2 – All prices include a “touch-up”, if required, within 6 weeks to 3 months of the initial procedure /treatment.
3 – Prices are subject to change without notice.