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By: Arinda's Art  11-11-2011
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I encourage parents to stay for the art classes.  While we are being creative, parents could enjoy a cold drink or coffee.   I also encourage parents to stand back and allow their children to do their own thinking, problem solving and exploring.  It is through mistakes that children (and adults) truly learn.

  “It’s the Process not the product” – MaryAnn Kohl .

·         They will get dirty

·         They will have fun

·         They will be left to figure things out on their own with selective guidance

·         They will be in a safe environment

·         Dress them in old clothes

If you stay for a coffee during the art classes you might be tempted to help your child.  This is not forbidden.  This behaviour might however rob your child of the opportunity to figure it out for themselves.  Allowing children to find their own solutions to problems will help them as adults to do the same.

Childhood is a time of exploration. It is a time for children to find out about themselves and the world.  They need to start taking risks in a safe environment.  It is a time for children to be encouraged to express themselves in a constructive and creative way.  It is a time for children to explore the language of art when verbal language skills may be limited.

One way to encourage self-expression in children is to use art materials. Self-expression through manipulation of materials engages children in ways that allow them to take risks that can enhance self-esteem.  They do this by learning how to manipulate the materials.

By:  Barbara Shema – 29 Dec 2008

  Creativity = Self-Expression = Confidence.

It is very fulfilling for children to express themselves freely.   This aids in nurturing their emotional health.

What's important to remember in any creative activity is the process of self-expression.

 This again helps children to express and cope with their feelings.

While being creative children also learn to be more confident, trying out new ideas which again lead to problem solving skills.  Importantly each child is unique in their own way.

In order to foster the creative process, encourage your children to make their own choices. Give them frequent opportunities and lots of time to experience and explore expressive materials. What your children learn during the creative process is most important. Show your support for the creative process by appreciating and offering support for your children's efforts.

Creative play is expressed when children use familiar materials in new or unusual ways, and when children engage in role playing and imaginative play. Play also helps children express and cope with their feelings. Play helps develop each child's unique perspective and individual style of creative expression.

Ref.:  PBS on the value of creative play

Keywords: Art Classes

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As parents we know that creating art makes our kids happy and a happy child makes a happy mom. Art is known to be an aesthetic force in our lives that can calm and relax us. Including a brake during which sandwiches and Fruit Juice are provided. Art supplies are included in Toddler and Primary school classes. Duration of the class is usually 1 hour and 45 minutes. Toddler Classes are R 280 for Four lessons.