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By: Aquadoc  11-11-2011
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KelRon® pump

Please note: This product is only available and suported in Southern Africa.

KelRon® Precision Peristaltic Metering Pump.

Models NT – 12 and NT – 4

  • No adjustments are necessary due to the natural torque of the pump head on the pump tubes. The tension is self-adjusting and there is therefore no danger of over-tensioning.
  • The inbuilt microprocessor controls the following functions: change of flow direction; speed control; recording of running time; control of running intervals; pre-programming of variable speed settings.
  • The electronics are housed in the pump head. This separation of wet and dry units prevents possible leakage from the tubes to the electrical components.
  • The KelRon® pump runs off a 12VDC supply which, when connected to a battery, is ideal for field use. It can also be connected to a 220 VAC electricity supply by means of an adaptor.
  • The KelRon® pump can be connected to an external computer using the specially developed KelRon® software. This software boasts of the following features: calculating the life left of each respective tube, speed adjustments; displaying the accumulated flow rate, recording the volume delivered by each respective tube over a defined period.
  • An industrial model which does not have user-friendly electronics is also available. This model does however have various speed settings.
  • The KelRon® NT – 12 for small volumes can be modified to a KelRon® NT – 4 for large volume dosing by exchanging the fingers and pump tube holder. The flow rate can be increased further by changing the gear ratio.
  • The flow rate ranges from 0,5ml/min to 7,7 ml/min per tube for the NT- 12. The NT-4 has a maximum flow rate of 110ml/min per tube. Should the gear ratio be changed, this can be increased to 220ml/min per tube.
  • The removable pump tube holders have been specially designed to offer the following advantages:
    • The pump tubes can b pre-installed in the system with ease.
    • The life of the respective pump tubes is extended considerabily due to the varying points of cantact of the rollers on the tubes.
  • The KelRon® can be connected to an autosampler.
  • The dimentions of the KelRon® pump are as follows:
    Height: 260mm
    Length: 310mm (NT-12)/ 360mm (NT-4)
    Width: 153mm and 7mm for electric cord = 160mm
    Mass: 12kg

Keywords: Pump Tubes

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