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By: Aquadoc  11-11-2011
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Aquadoc™ TOC / DOC Analyser

Please note: This product is only available and suported in Southern Africa.

Aquadoc™Bench and on-line TOC / DOC Analyser instruments (total and / or dissolved organic and inorganic carbon analyser)(only for Southern Africa region) AQUADOC™Operating Principle The AQUADOC™ utilises ultraviolet/peroxodisulphate oxidation of the organics in a water sample followed by infrared detection of the liberated carbon dioxide. Inorganic carbon is removed by acid treatment and gas-liquid seperation. Oxygen is used for inorganic stripping, sample segmentation as as a carrier gas to an NDIR detector.

The basic method for both models is a standard procedure, recognised and approved by the American Water Works Association.


The AQUADOC™ can be dedicated to continious batch or on-line type analysis using an automatic sampler or solenoid valves. The AQUADOC™ has been used extensively to assess process behaviour at water and waste water purification plants. The instrument is also widely used to monitor the adsortive capacity of inorganic material onto granular activated carbon (GAC), a material extensively used, amongst others, in the mining industry for the recovery of gold from mine dumps. The technique lends itself ideally to the selective monitoring and controlling of inorganic material in processes within the industry as well as the organic material discharged to the environment.

We have twenty-two AQUADOC™TOC analysers in the field, four of which are running on-line 24 hours per day. The first on-line analyser was commissioned in 1989.

Our installations are being used by a number of organisations, including the petrochemical industry; municipalities monitoring water and waste water quality; a sugar refinery; food processing companies and mines.

Unique Features

  • The AQUADOC™ is certified according to the German specification DIN 38409 Part III.
  • The analytical method is cited in the 18th Ed. of “Standard methods for Exanination of Water and Waste Water” published by the United States Public Health
  • Association and the Water Pollution Control Federation.
  • Utilises the durable KelRon™ peristaltic pump incorporating automated built-in tension adjustment of pump tubes which extends their lifespan.

Technical Speccifications

The AQUADOC™ contains a modern computer and dedicated up to date AQUADOC™ software.

  • Sample input: via an auto sampler or multichannel introduction by computer-controlled selenoid valves.
  • Measuring range: any range can be selected between 1,0 and 5000 mg/l organic carbon, either direct or via on-board dilution techniques and or adjustment to the instrument settings.


The instrument is supplied pre-calibrated for the range requested by the customer. Subsequent recalibration to other ranges is possible. Baseline correction is carried out between samples.


within 5% of full scale

Signal output:

0 – 1volt and 4 – 20 mA


non-dispersive infrared

Suspended solids:

unfiltered samples with suspended solids less than 100 microns


sulphuric acid and potassium

Reagents for sea water analysis:

supplied by AQUADOC™Analytics

Carrier gas supply:

CO2 free air supplied by a built-in air scrubber unit, cylindered gas or mass flow controller

Power supply:

220 VAC, 50 Hz, 3A

Award Winner

The AQUADOC™ won a 1987/88 Industrial Inventiveness Award which was presented at a ceremony in Johannesburg sponsored by the First National industrial Bank, LTA, Industrial Buildings systems Ltd and Middelburg Steel and Alloys.


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  • Van Steenderen, R.A., Basson, W.D. and van Duuren, F.A. (1979) Automated chemical analysis for measuring microgram levels of organic carbon in potable water. Wat. Res. 13, 539-543.
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Keywords: Pump Tubes, Water Purification

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