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By: Aqua Jetty  11-11-2011


Stability and safety is achieved by a 1.8 m wide Main Jetty Module Supported on 4 UV-protected PolyethyleneFloats.  These  Floats are extra thick to offer improved resistance to puncturing.  (In very rocky dams we offer Base Guard Plates for protection).

The Jetty steel frame is hot-dip galvanized and is distinguished by having over dimensional hingejoints, addressing a weakness found in most other Jetty designs. Bolts in direct contact with water are stainless steel and Nyloc nuts are used throughout to keep fasteners secure. 

MaintenanceThe maintenance of the Aqua Jetty is restricted  to applying water resistant grease once a year, to the Hinge Pins (easily removable one  at a time on a calm day), and a  “spanner- check” on retaining bolts.
The Decking is maintenance free Plastic Wood, (made from recycled plastic) with an outdoor life expectancy of 50  years.  The Planks are removeab le and come in 3 colour  choices.  The bumpers  and floats colours are the customers’ choice. Damage to these components, when limited, can be repaired by plastic (polyethylene) hot-air welding.To minimize long distance transport costs, the Jetty  can be stripped into it’s components which can be reassembled, with a few  spanners, at the destinations. The Jetty parts ar e guaranteed against material defects and poor workmanship for 1  year from dispatch. The plastic is recycleable. The ultimate life of the Jetty is determined by its correct installation. Securing the Gangway on the shore and anchoring the Jetty in the water to limit slewing, due to wind, current or changing water levels are the most important fundamentals.  Get expert advice!

Also available
- Jet Ski Dock floats (attachable to our Jetty)
- Various size Buoys for Demarcation (wake free zones etc)
- Anchoring identification.  We strive to improve and increase our product range and satisfy our customers!Jetty Configuration (24)

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Aqua Jetty - Boat Jetty l Jetski Jetty l Customised Jetties - services

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