By: Aqua Cat  11-11-2011
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They say the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. Well today i was introduced to a new toy called the Aqua Cat DInglehopper.

This is not really a new invention as it has been around for a few years now. The designer of this awesome fishing tool is Clive Barrett, and trust me he is absolutely passionate about his "toy". I suppose calling it a toy is a little derogatory as it is a serious piece of machinery.

The aqua cat is basically a radio controlled boat designed to transport baits through the surf zone allowing you to drop them off up to 1000 meters from the shore, this allows you to target the zone where not too many fishing vessels can operate, leaving you standing on terra firma while you target the various offshore species lurking behind the backline. It's actually an amazing sight watching the dinglehopper bust its way through the surf, bouncing around and getting rolled by waves only to pop up and continue on its journey to deep water.In case you are the purist type and don't approve of using this kind of propulsion to deliver baits to feeding fish rather than casting a bait to them, I will say that this will never replace land based sports angling but rather give people with lesser angling abilities or disabilities the opportunity to also practice the amazing pastime called angling. Also giving us the opportunity to still fish on those days that weather and sea conditions make it difficult to cast bait.

The maiden voyage

The first day we used the aqua cat dinglehopper was at La Mercy beach, where Clive Barrett, Zeyn Habib (our selected lucky member guest) and I sent baits through the surf in hope of catching a good fish. Unfortunately the sea conditions were not great but Clive managed to land a nice duckbill of around 25 kilos on a whole chokka dropped around 200 meters from shore.

Day 2

The second outing at the same venue Zeyn and myself sent some awesomely fresh baits some 400 meters out to sea, the bites were slow and when Zeyn's rod was almost pulled out of the pension pipe he set the circle hook ensuring a two hour battle, at first the fish behaved like a flat fish but when we spotted it coming over the sandbank it was obvious that it was a decent size shark. The Zambezi shark of between 120 to 130 kilos is a great sign of what to expect from this amazing little craft.Keeps a look out on the ESA show for the amazing footage of how this "toy" does the job and keep a look out for the deep burn being experienced by our ESA member Zeyn Habib.

Keywords: Angling

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Power Prop: 1600m at full throttle (On one charge) 1800m at 2/3 throttle. Battery Requirement: 2 X 9amp/hr 12v Lead Acid Gel Cells. Motor Transmission: Geared 1kw Brush-less Motor. Speed Control: Electronic Speed Control. 170m / min (Power Propeller) 120m / min.