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By: Apto Solutions  11-11-2011
Keywords: Asset Management


Chapter 7 Liquidations Amity Entertainment-

Ongoing project that Apto has been engaged by a Chapter 7 Trustee to liquidate 100’s of Movie titles both owned and distributed by Amity. Amity has 3 core genres of titles in their library, Ernest (Ernest goes to Camp, etc), Material Arts, Midnight Collection.

Crowne Closets-

Apto was engaged by a Delaware Chapter 7 Trustee to liquidate the assets in a large Manufacturing facility in Las Vegas Nevada. The company had an abundance of specialized woodworking machinery along with vehicles, IT, and an assortment of other smaller items. Apto successfully liquidated the remaining assets in a timely manner allowing the estate to minimize the administrative expenses being accrued in rent.


Apto was engaged by the Chapter 7 Trustee in this case. Viashow was a nightclub operator in the Rio Casino in Las Vegas. Apto performed the valuation of equipment for the estate and promptly marketed and sold the assets.

Tweeter Opco, LLC-

Served as recovery agent and liquidator for Chapter 7 Trustee.  Recovered home entertainment equipment from 72 stores in 14 states in 17 days in December 2008.  Consolidated and sold inventory from our Atlanta facility.  

Shultze Asset Management/ Wells Fargo-

Served as sales agent for Intellectual Property for secured lenders Shultze Asset Management and Wells Fargo.  IP sale included customer list, trademarks, web domains and computer design software.   

Homebanc Corporation-

Served as liquidator for Delaware Chapter 7 Trustee.  Provide Data Recovery service for all Servers and remarketed all assets.

Transit TV, LLC/ Transit TV of California, LLC-

Apto was engaged by the Chapter 7 Trustee to remarket this entity, a out-of-home media company in a 363 sale.   

Lecstar Communications-

Apto was engaged by the Chapter 7 Trustee to liquidate the network assets, intellectual property (custom software and billing system) and corporate entity in a 363 sale.   

Design Builders Group-

Apto was engaged by the Chapter 7 Trustee to liquidate the fixed and inventory assets of this defunct home theater contractor.   


A company that was one of the first to provide dedicated Voice Over IP services on international networks.  Apto was engaged by the Chapter 7 Trustee to recover and liquidate equipment in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Seattle, Hong Kong and London.  

Hyperfeed Technologies-

Hyperfeed was a financial market data consolidator and feed service.  Apto worked for the Chapter 7 Trustee to recover and liquidate their extensive data center and IT infrastructure from offices in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.   

Whittard of Chelsea Tea-

served as sales agent for Delaware Chapter 7 Trustee and sold inventory (approximately $250K worth of Tea and related items) and IP from Whittard US locations.  

Ace Mortgage Holdings/ Archer Land Title-

Served as recovery agent and liquidator for Chapter 7 Trustee.  Performed nationwide recovery of over 60 offices. Recovered all computers, servers and other equipment.  Sold office furniture in each location.  Performed data recovery services on servers and data sanitization before sale.  

Resort of West Palm Beach-

Served as liquidator for Chapter 7 Trustee for failed night club.  Received a call from the Trustee on Friday that facility must be Removed and sold all electronics and sound equipment and destroyed all alcohol.  

Argo Tracker-

Served as liquidator for Chapter 7 Trustee.  Company produced advanced vehicle tracking systems for construction equipment.  Apto recovered and remarketed all fixed assets and inventory.   

Flooring America-

Apto served as liquidator for Chapter 7 Trustee of all remaining fixed assets in Georgia corporate headquarters.   

JRA Furniture -

Failed importer of patio furniture made in China and sold through private label programs with K-mart, Target, The Home Depot, Lowes, Sears and other large box retailer.  Apto was engaged by the Chapter 7 Trustee to liquidate the company’s inventory assets in Los Angeles, California.   

Chapter 11 Engagements World Access, Inc.-

Apto was engaged by the creditors of this bankrupt telecommunications “carriers carrier”.  Our very first deal in 2001, we recovered and remarketed complete telecommunications network sites in New York, new Jersey, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Atlanta, London and Hong Kong.   

Enron Broadband-

Apto was engaged by the Chapter 11 interim management team at Enron to liquidate the IT and Telco infrastructure assets in New York.   

Ownit Mortagage Solutions-

One of the largest failed mortgage companies in 2007, Apto Solutions was engaged by the Chapter 11 interim management team to recover all of their IT infrastructure, perform DOD compliant data sanitization and remarket all assets.   

Verilink Corporation-

Apto served as valuation expert and advisor to Verso Technologies, the eventual buyer of Verilink in a 363 Sale.  

Secured Lender Engagements / Administrative Wind Downs H2GEN-

Apto was engaged by the secured lender of this Hydrogen Generator manufacturer to liquidate all remaining assets. H2Gen featured highly specialized lab and testing equipment along with large quantities of raw materials. Apto successfully concluded much of the liquidation directly onsite in strategic sales allowing the company to vacate the property in a expedited fashion.

Wispra Networks-

Served as liquidator for secured lender, Toronto Dominion Bank for Canadian company in bankruptcy in the US and Canada.  Recovered and sold equipment located in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, New York and Los Angeles.    

GE Capital-

Apto routinely serves as recovery and remarketing agent for GE’s workout team on distressed situations.  We also provide valuation services and expert testimony for GE on a regular basis as well as general remarketing for off-lease assets.   

Nortel Networks-

When the telecom “bubble” burst in 2000, Apto worked with Nortel’s treasury department to recover and remarket equipment that Nortel had a secured interest in.  There were several small CLEC’s and small Telco’s that went out of business where we had to recover and remarket the equipment for Nortel.  Nortel’s Treasurer also sat on several creditors’ committees and recommended the employment of Apto Solutions as liquidator.   

Turnstone Systems-

Apto was engaged by the creditors and management committee to liquidate the assets (inventory, lab, manufacturing facility) of this telecom equipment manufacturer in Silicon Valley as part of an administrative wind down.  

Worldport Communications-

Apto was engaged by the primary investor in this international telecommunications service provider to liquidate the network assets in this administrative wind down.   

Coppercom -

Apto was engaged by the primary investor in this international telecommunications service provider to liquidate the network assets in this administrative wind down.  

Ricochet Networks -

Apto was retained by the buyer of Ricochet who obtained the company in a 363 sale to liquidate surplus assets that were no longer needed to operate the company.  We sold assets in warehouses located in Denver, Colorado and Tulsa, Oklahoma as well as recovered assets from various markets around the country.   

Airee Networks-

Apto was engaged by the investors of this planned trans-America fiber pipe.  Effectively, a group of pipeline and energy companies had were going to run fiber along their gas pipelines to create a high speed, carrier class fiber link.   When the telco bubble burst, they decided to stop the project and engage Apto Solutions to sell the $80MM worth of fiber optic cable and other equipment.

Landlord ServicesEquinix-

Apto is routinely engaged by this data center, collocation provider to recover and liquidate the abandoned assets of defunct tenants.   

NYC Connect-

Apto was routinely engaged by this New York landlord to recover and remarket technology assets that were abandoned by bankrupt tenants.

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The information in this article was current at 08 Nov 2011

Keywords: Asset Management

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