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By: Applied Metering  11-11-2011
Keywords: Corporate Property, Plumbing Infrastructure

Our experience and professional associations means that we are well placed to deliver a range of consulting services and solutions to municipal organisations, industrial business owners and the corporate property sector. Apart from specialising in the installation and implementation of AMR (Automated Meter Reading) systems for water and electricity, we also provide a thorough consulting and energy auditing service to help you make informed decisions on how best to reduce your energy costs.

The term 'energy audit' is often used to describe a broad range of energy-related studies that may range from a brief walk-through of a facility to identify major problem areas, to a comprehensive analysis of the implications of alternative energy-efficiency measures that will satisfy the bottom-line savings mandate of management and accounting drivers. Contact us to discuss a scope of work to meet the requirements for your organisation, and together we can deliver tangible cost-savings in the midst of escalating utility costs.

Do you know what the current state is of your plumbing infrastructure, and whether any problems exist that are having both an environmental and financial impact on your organisation? Engage us as independent consultants to conduct a professional assessment of your property portfolio, provide a detailed photographic report to highlight potential problem areas, and recommend solutions to rectify these. We’ll also identify and suggest sustainable and effective ways to reduce manageable costs through reducing your water usage, thereby also improve the green status of your organization.

Fault finding | Meter checks

Are you experiencing costly service interruptions and tenant aggravation as a result of plumbing infrastructure problems? With our experience we can quickly identify problem areas and recommend appropriate action to be taken. For example, we will investigate water meter discrepancies (between council and tenant meter readings), identify leaks and other potential problem areas at your premises, and report on effective repairs and solutions. Let us assist you with our professional problem-identification and solution service.

Keywords: Corporate Property, Plumbing Infrastructure

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You can only control what you can effectively read and monitor - installing the appropriate meters and linking these across an Advanced Metering Infrastructure, you can monitor water and electricity usage on demand, identify high-volume areas and implement steps to reduce usage in these areas.