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By: Applied Metering  11-11-2011
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Apart from being value-addeded-resellers of the Elster Kent range of AMR-ready electricity and water meters, we are also implementers of their class-leading AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) solutions to utilities and corporate organisations, built around the Wavenis range of ultra-low-power (ULP) radio communication equipment from Coronis - an Elster company. Installing AMR-compatible meters at key points in your network enables on-demand reading across a wide geographical area. By linking these to the monitoring, administration and billing system across a GPRS network or the internet, you can read all the meters under your control remotely via simple web-browser access.

You can only control what you can effectively read and monitor - installing the appropriate meters and linking these across an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), you can monitor water and electricity usage on demand, identify high-volume areas and implement steps to reduce usage in these areas. The system also provides notifications of tampering and leaking, enabling rapid response to prevent water wastage and possible resultant damage. Perhaps even more importantly, property portfolio companies, landlords and building managers can remotely and efficiently set up tariff and billing information, and produce profile graphs and bills for corporate sub-divisions, property tenants, etc.

Benefits of this dynamic technology include: Reduced Costs; Improved Service to your Clients; Early Warning about Tampering and Leaks; Notification of High-Usage areas; Rapid Response to Problems; Ease of Billing and Reporting; all-round Seamless, Cost-effective and Enhanced Operation. Our combined skill-set in the IT, Networking and corporate property maintenance arena makes us uniquely placed to deliver innovative AMR solutions.

Keywords: Corporate Property, Meters

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Apart from specialising in the installation and implementation of AMR (Automated Meter Reading) systems for water and electricity, we also provide a thorough consulting and energy auditing service to help you make informed decisions on how best to reduce your energy costs.