By: Apeco  11-11-2011

PORON® Cushioning

PORON® Performance Cushioning

  • PORON® Performance Cushioning brings long-lasting comfort and high performance shock absorption in a durable material that withstands even the toughest daily wear.
  • Dependable and versatile PORON® Performance Cushioning provides excellent shock absorption to comfort you with each step…so you can focus on your pursuits and not your pain.
  • In side by side comparisons with other typical insole materials, PORON® Performance Cushioning repeatedly records lower Peak G’s on impact thus absorbing more shock and helping to cushion joints and muscles.
  • Why do you need resiliency with shock absorption?  PORON® Performance Cushioning provides the right amount shock absorption with resiliency to help cushion joints and muscles.

PORON® ReSource Performance Cushioning

  • With each step you take, breathable PORON® ReSource Technology helps you reduce your environmental footprint without sacrificing style and performance.
  • PORON® ReSource Performance Cushioning offers consistent, long-lasting comfort and excellent shock absorption in a material made from renewable soy-based content.
  • Take comfort as you stride toward living greener – with PORON® ReSource Performance Cushioning, cutting-edge technology in a comfort material that incorporates a soy-based polyol which replaces over 45% of the typical petroleum-based polyol.
  • PORON® ReSource Technology utilizes cutting edge processes to incorporate a soy-based polyol which replaces over 45% of the petroleum-based polyol while maintaining the long-lasting comfort and shock absorbing that you’ve come to rely on from PORON® Cushioning.

PORON® Plus Cushioning

  • PORON® Plus Cushioning gives you consistent, long-lasting cushioning comfort in a material that feels just right from your first step through the life of your shoes (product).
  • Help comfort your joints and muscles with the cushioning of PORON® Plus Technology – a durable material that provides all-day comfort for the life of your shoes (product).
  • For just the right amount of softness to your step….
  • Reducing stresses on the joints and soft tissues of the body
  • Essential for all-day comfort

PORON® Slow Rebound Cushioning

  • PORON® Slow Rebound Cushioning bounces back with each wear, ensuring a custom, total contact fit for the life of your shoes (product).
  • Unique PORON® Slow Rebound Cushioning’s total contact insole helps by conforming to your every curve.
  • The memory foam-like characteristics of PORON® Slow Rebound Cushioning give you and a custom fit, wear after wear.
  • The unique memory foam-like contouring characteristics of PORON® Slow Rebound Cushioning help by supporting your every curve.
  • One of the initial key benefits of the material was pressure distribution….
  • PORON® Slow Rebound Cushioning continues to accommodate as the body changes the material adapts…always giving the customized fit

PORON® Dual Layer Cushioning

  • Get maximum comfort for the life of your shoes with patented PORON® Dual Layer Cushioning combines the benefits of two technologies into one:  a customized contouring fit  for comfort with added shock absorption.
  • PORON® Dual Layer Technology offers a unique solution for long-lasting comfort and shock absorbency in one flexible, material.
  • Who says you can’t have it all?  With PORON® Dual Layer Technology you get the benefits of two technologies in one: a customized contouring fit for comfort with added shock absorption.

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