Association for Persons with Physical Disabilities

By: Apd Nelson Mandela Bay & Cacadu District  11-11-2011

  • Wheelchair-Shop: We sell and hire wheelchairs and assistive devices and distribute free wheelchairs that are supplied by our generous funders. Last year we successfully distributed 500 wheelchairs to worthy recipients.
  • The Industrial Workshops: We do labour intensive contract work i.e. bulk posting, packaging, and assembling of components, to mention but a few. Typical clients are Marina Sea Salt (labeling spice bottles), NMMU, Spicer Axle, Volpes etc.
  • Sewing Centre: Here we manufacturer work wear for major companies in and around the city. Some names worth mentioning are Aspen, Dulux, General Motors as well as a host of hospitality establishments. We are proud to advise that we are also producing a range of baby wear for Woolworths.
  • Screen-printing Department: This newly established department not only compliments the Sewing Workshop by printing corporate names and logos on the work wear that we manufacture but it also supplies printed T-Shirts to a broad base of companies, Britos Bakery being one of the major clients. Last year this department secured and delivered the national order for 20 000 printed golf shirts for the annual Casual Day Campaign. Pricing is subject to quantity and complexity of design.
  • Embroidery department: This development was implemented last year. Pricing is subject to quantity and stitch count.
  • Upholstery Workshop: We are contracted to maintain all the upholstery work for the entire fleet of 400+ busses of The Algoa Bus Company.
  • Toilet Paper Manufacturing: We produce a high grade of toilet paper that we sell to many of our corporate clients. We also supply the NMMM Stores who distribute the product to their many offices around the city. Our current price is R140 per bale of 48. This price includes VAT and delivery.
  • Recruitment Office: We have a fully-fledged Personnel Recruitment office, registered with the Dept of Labour. Our focus is on placing persons with disabilities into permanent positions, in the mainstream market and at all levels. We assist our clients to do a better job of attracting, developing and retaining good human capital. We provide service of excellence in all different sectors and specialize in guidance with recruiting persons with disabilities. Our department also deals with Skills development and training in different fields.
  • Sensitisation Service: The huge need for people at all levels to understand and accordingly learn how to accommodate persons with disabilities in the workplace is handled by this department. This service has been successfully work-shopped to several corporate and government departments. The most recent being some 200 employees from the Eastern Cape Dept of Justice offices in Mthatha, Queenstown, East London and Port Elizabeth.
  • Accessibility Surveys: Given our vast knowledge on this matter, we consult with stakeholders in all sectors from architects right down to B&B owners to ensure that the standards that are legislated are upheld.
  • Social Work Services: Our team of three qualified Social Workers provides individual and family counseling and generic social work services to clients. The main demand for their services is rendered to the disadvantaged communities. Assistance with referrals for grant applications, rehabilitation services, referrals to special schools, assessments for assistive devices (e.g. wheelchairs), are only some of the services we render to our communities.
  • Parking Disks: We handle all applications for the famous “Wheelchair Parking Disk”. All applicants are carefully screened to ensure that only persons who legitimately require the use of the specially designed, wider parking bays are issued with a permit.

The APD Home and Day Care Centre for Children with Disabilities
This wonderful service was established some 4 years ago. Our premises on the edge of Motherwell provides for 30 children between the ages of 1-7 years. The centre is managed by 2 qualified schoolteachers. We also enjoy the assistance of professional services from the Department of Health who provide occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

Over and above all of the above we spend much time behind the scenes ensuring that the rights of persons with disabilities are not compromised. This we do by initially passively counseling and then moving to more extreme measures if so required.

We invite you to visit us at any time to obtain a first hand experience of people with disabilities whom you will find to be productive and happy in the work place. We thank you for showing an interest in our organization. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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