By: Apalia  11-11-2011
Keywords: Telephony

Just imagine how productive your employees would be if your computing systems, telephones and the Internet could all be converged! Think reduced operational, hardware and maintenance costs. Implement this technology into your Small to Medium Enterprise through new breakthrough technologies.

Through Apalia’s Converged Office Station (CONOS)

It manages both your computing and telephony needs throughout your business and acts as the gateway for voice and data in and outside your

(Office network).

Apalia Converged Office Station (CONOS) 
Instead of installing Office/Industry specific applications (E.g. MS Office, Word processing, Excel spreadsheets
InDesign etc.) on each computer at your office, install it on 1 Central PC or Server. Users simply login at their own computer session and they have access to all office applications.

Apalia networking is driven towards converting your current office’s network –voice and data - into one single network!
That means everything in and around the office is managed through one network: from printers, copiers, scanners, intercoms, telephone lines to Internet connectivity and security cameras. Sound complex and too expensive? It is not, it is simple with Apalia.

With the advent of the Internet there are many ways for workers to communicate and no excuse for them to not communicate: office phones, voicemail, fax, e-mail, SMS, instant messaging (I.M.) audio, web and video conferencing.
Increase communication by integrating innovative technologies with computing, telephony and the Internet, and you achieve unimaginable day-to-day benefits and decrease operational costs.

Keywords: Telephony