Embedded DIL32 Chip Interfaces for Fieldbus/Ethernet

By: Anybus  11-11-2011
Keywords: Industrial Automation, Industrial Ethernet, Communication Interfaces

 Anybus-IC Single Chip A family of very small certified communication interfaces fitting into a standard DIL-32 chip socket. Anybus-IC is ideal for industrial automation devices where size, connector flexibility and simplicity are the decisive factors. Anybus-IC's are designed to work with or without a host micro-processor.

The Anybus-IC is a family of complete interchangeable single chip interfaces for industrial networks. It is optimized for field devices, where small size and multiple network connectivity are important. Anybus-IC contains all electronic components and software necessary to implement a full featured industrial communication interface. Everything is integrated into a single board solution that fits perfectly into a standard DIL32 chip socket consuming only 9 cm² in size.

Very small and flexible
Anybus-IC is a small communication interface with a size of only 9cm². It provides a very small connectivity solution designed for integration into small sized devices with limited space for the communication interface. Anybus-IC can be used with various network connectors such as M12 or screw terminals which makes it an easy solution for devices that are used in harsh industrial environments.

Contains all analog and digital components - Just needs power and connectors
The Anybus-IC contains all the digital and analog hardware as well as all necessary software to communicate with the selected network. Anybus-IC is a proven solution that has been tested and approved for fieldbus/Ethernet conformity. Anybus-IC requires only one 5 Volt power supply and provides a full galvanically isolated network interface. Due to its high level of integration, Anybus-IC has very low power consumption. A separate Anybus-IC version is available for each network. Standardization of the mechanical, electrical and software interfaces ensures that the different Anybus-IC’s are interchangeable.

Supports both fieldbus and industrial Ethernet
Anybus-IC is available as Profibus-DP slave, DeviceNet adapter, CANopen slave, Profinet slave and a combined EtherNet/ IP adapter/Modbus-TCP slave. All Ethernet versions of the Anybus-IC contain industrial IT functions in addition to the real-time Ethernet protocol. The IT functions include a dynamic embedded web server, FTP server and Email client.

Keywords: Communication Interfaces, Industrial Automation, Industrial Ethernet

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