Anne Till

By: Anne Till  11-11-2011
Keywords: nutrition


The Ultimate Diet Solution

The Ultimate Diet Solution was written by Anne Till and was published by Struik in January 2007. The Ultimate Diet Solution offers readers sound nutrition advice based on scientific evidence about lifestyle management and chronic disease prevention, we have received very good feedback on this book which has been extensively researched and referenced. The book has been reviewed by two professors - Prof D Raal (Wits endocrinology) and Prof Labadarios (Head of Nutrition at Stellenbosche University). The Ultimate Diet Solution is easy to understand and to apply in ones own circumstances.

The Ultimate Diet Solution Cookbook

The Ultimate Diet Solution Cook Book written by Nicola Duffield with Anne Till, it is packed with easy to prepare healthy recipes which provide practical ways of implementing the advocated dietary guidelines. The Ultimate Diet Solution Cook Book also provides nutritional information on various foods used in the recipes to help the reader improve their knowledge of foods that are consumed regularly. Both books are available at the practice and at book stores country wide.

Keywords: nutrition