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By: Andrew Mentis  11-11-2011

  Rectagrid & Gripweld - Glossary of Terms    
  Bearer Bar Curbment  
The load-carrying member of uniform section running between supports.
A profiled punched steel section that can be used as a kickplate. It can be bolted to the handrail stanchion with U-Clamps, or to the grating with special cleats.
  Cut Out   Fixing Clips, Saddle Clamps  
An area of flooring removed to permit pipes, plant and structural columns etc, to pass through, or to clear obstructions.
& Locking Plates
Devices by which flooring is attached to the supporting structure or to another panel
  Gross Area Kickplate  
The total area of flooring in rectangular panels from which the completed floor will be fabricated. This is the area that would be invoiced.
A flat bar of greater depth than the bearer bar, welded or bolted to the end, sides or around cut-outs of a floor panel. The kickplate projects above the top of the bearer bar
  Unbanded Nosing  
This only applies to GRIPWELD where the panel is open at both ends of the bearer bars, and the transverse bars are trimmed flush on both sides
A non-slip sighting edge welded to the front of a stairtread.
  O.E.S (Open Ended System) Pitch  
This applies to RECTAGRID grating only where panels are not banded in their length or width.
The distance centre-to-centre of the bearer bars, or centre-to-centre of the transverse bars.Note: Pitch is not the size of the opening
  Side Plate Transverse Bar  
A plate welded to a stairtread for fixing to a stringer.
A member fixed at right angles to the bearer bar to provide lateral restraint
  Length/Span Width  
The overall dimension of the flooring panel measured parellel to the bearer bars.Note: This dimension is always referred to as the span even if it is shorter than the width
The overall dimension of the flooring panel measured at right angles to the bearer bars.Note: This dimension is always referred to as the width, even if it exceeds the length.

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