VisualSPAR – Predictive Modeling Technology

By: Analista  11-11-2011
Keywords: Modelling

VisualSPAR is designed to streamline the entire modelling process, from model construction and verification, organising scenario analysis studies, and reporting and presenting model results. VisualSPAR provides the systems life cycle modeller across a wide range of industries with significant benefits, including:

  • Database connectivity
  • Easy integration with Microsoft Office applications
  • Capability to merge separately developed models, and

Armed with an AMS predictive model, clients can more effectively analyze the likelihood of assets meeting availability and reliability performance targets, and make the right decisions to minimize costs and improve profitability. Companies are now able to plan more effectively and predict the long-term behaviour of highly complex systems. This predictive modelling solution is helping world-class industry leaders worldwide to:

  • Reduce life cycle costs
  • Manage the effects of aging on system performance
  • Modify logistical processes to reach target performance
  • Optimize spare parts distribution and availability
  • Determine the most cost-effective use of preventative maintenance and scheduled downtime

Keywords: Modelling

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