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By: Ambarcube  11-11-2011

what is Litebi?

The business intelligence platform can develop sophisticated reports and dashboards from any data source.

These applications are based on an innovative tecnhology, specially designed to facilitate implementation process and maintenance services.

improve your return on investment

What makes Litebi different from the traditional business intelligence platforms is the agility and low cost with which results can be obtained. The following graph shows these differences. While both traditional business platforms as Litebi Intelligece require a similar investment in the initial analysis phase, the subsequent investments are significantly lower with Litebi.

Because Litebi system works with a cloud-computing technology or SAAS (software as a service) does not require any initial investment in hardware, or upgrading existing hardware, since the data is stored on external servers of Litebi, Litebi will be responsible for ensuring data integrity, status and expansion.

Unlike with other softwares, there is no requirement to renew, usually annually, expensive software licenses. With Litebi, only a single monthly payment for each user accessing the platform is required. Thus, the ROI is realised faster than traditional platforms.

Litebi projects

In addition, Litebi is specially designed to be agile in implementation phases of projects, focusing developments in knowing what you want to analyze since Litebi internal processes are responsible for accessing and manipulating the information. It is precisely this characteristic that makes Litebi projects much faster and the customer can get results immediately. All this without losing the power and functionality of traditional business intelligence platforms.

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