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By: Altrisk  11-11-2011

Specialist benefits are those products that generally fall outside the normal range of benefits we offer. So, for example, they can provide cover to clients either immediately without the need for medicals in the first three months; or to those who may not be able to get standard underwriting terms due to complex medical impairments; or those looking for some kind of financial protection in old age.

We offer 4 specialist benefits:

  • Swiftnsure
  • Long Term Care
  • HIV positive application
  • Deferred Life

Other products and services from Altrisk


Ancillary - Altrisk - for life

They support the main standalone benefits on a policy. Voluntary escalations of 0%-15% (premium and benefit. Ancillary benefits are not free-standing benefits. Maximum entry ages of either 55 or 60. Minimum entry ages of 18.


Critical Illness Benefits - Altrisk

Critical illness insurance is exactly that – insurance that offers cover to the life insured should they develop or contract a critical illness. Because people don't always know what's lurking in their family trees, and many critical illnesses are actually inherited. Guarantee periods: fixed and experience rated. Payout options: maximum or severity based. A minimum entry age of 18.


Disability benefits - Altrisk - for life

Think about it, if a family only had one breadwinner or needed both parents’ salaries just to survive, what would happen if that breadwinner or one of those parents could no longer work anymore. Disability insurance can also assist the policyholder with their business assurance needs in various situations such as on a buy and sell policy or a key man policy.


Income replacements - Altrisk - for life

Income replacement is designed to assist employed and self-employed individuals to stay afloat should they become temporarily or permanently disabled due to accident or illness and, as a result, are unable to work in their own or a similar occupation. For self-employed individuals we have a Business Overhead Protector which can pay a monthly income benefit for 12 months.


Guaranteed Insurability - Altrisk - for life

Our Guaranteed Insurability benefit allows the insured to increase the life, critical illness, disability and impairment cover on their policy with little or no underwriting necessary. The future increases in cover can be taken as either an increase to the base policy or as a new standalone policy. During life changing events: by up to 25% of the available guaranteed insurability amount.