Nature of business/ Service

By: Altre International  11-11-2011

Our service

Altre International is a company with more than 8 years of outsourcing experience, the company is registered within the province of Western Cape, South Africa.

Altre International is specialized in the recruitment and outsourcing to provides high technology solution in the area of Oil & Gas /Petrochemical, (Onshore and Offshore), Satellite networks, Mining, Food and Beverage, Refrigeration and Diary plants, Textiles and utilities .

The company is favorably disposed to form strategic alliances with other similarly focused entities (persons or organizations) in a bid to achieve its Vision.

ALTRE INTERNATIONAL is a sufficiently autonomous company whose main focus is to deliver quality and reliable service to the energy sector companies locally and internationally.

We endeavor to create alliances with our clients to the accomplishment of their business objectives. Our strength lies in our flexibility in adapting to our clients planned and unplanned needs for business solutions through contracting.

Nature of business

Our business is based On-shore and Offshore service.
Our database has workers with immense knowledge in the Oil & Gas /Petrochemical industry, (On- and Offshore) in the Electrical, Instruments, Network systems and Mechanical.

We offer project management and supervision of projects throughout construction and commissioning to full commercial operation.

Marketing and promotions

  • We offer marketing and promotions services of energy efficient products
  • Promotions and co-coordinating deployment of new technology
  • Communication to customers Verification of customer information
  • Public education

Financial Principles

ALTRE INTERNATIONAL operates under the guidelines of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). We do financial feasibility analysis to make sure that our operational cash flow is sufficient to meet operational requirement and for the repayment of loans.

We have entered into a service contract with an accounting firm whose services are an integral part of the success of the operation. A service contract has been entered with an auditing firm in order to monitor and ensure that good financial practices are followed.

Safety Policy

We uphold and comply to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 58 of 1993, as amended from time to time as well as  SABS /ISO 9001 code of practice for quality systems.

Future Outlook

ALTRE INTERNATIONAL plans to position itself as a competitive company in the international region through mergers and acquisitions of similar enterprises.

ALTRE INTERNATIONAL has selected Petroleum's, Transitional Local Councils and Private Sector. We are in the process of identifying other profitable Joint Venture opportunities with other companies. This will further entrench our company in the industry.

ALTRE INTERNATIONAL is amongst the companies which endeavor to create job opportunities and which can be used as a training ground for both Technikon and University graduates.

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