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By: Alnet Shade Cloth  12-08-2011
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Alnet Products range from:  

  • horticultural application
  • decorative shade nets
  • specialised fishing nets
  • commercial fishing nets
  • mining filter fabrics
  • bird protective netting
  • camouflage netting

and a selection of Alnet allied products as well as:

Alnet Cooltone shade cloth in particular, comprises a range of fine textured knitted decorative shade nets in fashionable colours which provide a stylish solution to the need for protection against the sun and the elements for:

      • commercial premises,
      • manufacturing operations and
      • traditional homes

All the shade-related products are manufactured from high-density polyethylene and are UV stabilized to with­stand harsh weather conditions.

The product range include:

      • Extrablock
      • Sunblock
      • UV Ultrablock
      • Agricultural shade cloth

    Unmatched quality

These Alnet products are made from a combination of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament and tape, extruded by Alnet and thereafter knitted on Rashel knitting machines that are also used in the production of knotless fish netting.

This product range has proved to be highly sought after in South Africa as well as worldwide and is used for shading vehicle car parks, hotel and office parking areas, tourist and leisure resorts, schools, playgrounds and households.

Wide range

These shade cloth products are available in a multitude of colours and rolls of 3m wide. The standard length size of our rolls is 50m and 25m (with a width of 3m).

Proven UV protection

Alnet UV Ultrablock are the only shade net rated and approved by the Cancer Association of South Africa and are made from a unique, long life Commercial Grade fine textured knitted High Density Polyethylene fabric that:

    • Blocks and reflects more than 90% of harmful UV rays for the protection of people
    • Provides cool shade by allowing heat to flow and escape though the fabric (as the heat rises) resulting in pleasant cool shade to enjoy outdoors
    • The fabric is designed to be used in tension structures, meaning Alnet Cooltone retain their stability and striking good looks
    • Breathes to reduce temperature underneath noticeably
    • Easy to use and connect to trees and other posts
    • Easy to install yourself anywhere
    • Mildew and tear resistant
    • Colourfast
    • Long life
    • Simple to clean with a hosepipe
    • Knitted construction with double lock stitches prevents fraying or tearing

The complete Alnet product range:

Our Alnet Cooltone Range of Shadecloths

Alnet Recreational Netting

Ultrablock Shadecloth


Alnet Protective Agricultural Netting

Alnet Fishing Nets & Accessories


Trawl Nets
Nylon Anchovy Nets
Nylon Twisted Nets
Nylon Braided Nets
Cotton Crayfish

Alnet Mining Nets

Alnet Sport Netting

Garage Net

Alnet Transport Netting

Alnet Camouflage Nets

Cargo Netting
Bow Hunting
Bird Hunting
Military Nets(Only on request)

Alnet Ropes & Twines

Ropes & Twines for domestic use
Ropes & Twines for industrial use

To order Alnet products or to obtain more information on Alnet products, contact your nearest Alnet branch.

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Keywords: Fishing Nets, High Density Polyethylene, Netting, Shade Cloth