By: Alloptic  11-11-2011
Keywords: Video Service, Optical Networking, Traditional Telephone

Alloptic is the industry's first company to successfully bridge traditional telephone service, Ethernet service, and RF video service onto a single, seamless, passive optical distribution platform. By bringing together the technical worlds of passive optical networking (PON) and the emerging RF over Glass (RFoG), Alloptic provides a unique, hybrid PON, solution providing the operator the flexibility to the services they choose, in the format they prefer. This hybrid PON solution allows Telco operators the ability to leverage today's RF video technology while being transparent to the PON technology. Similarly, the hybrid PON allows a CATV provider to offer cable modem service and business Ethernet services.

Alloptic offers a wide array of central office equipment to support your GEPON deployment.

Alloptic offers the widest array of ONTs for your fiber deployment. Whether you are looking for an indoor unit for a single location, a fully hardened MDU unit, or the ability to deliver full gigabit service to a Business, Alloptic has an ONT to fit your application.

Alloptic offers a complete line of headend/hub equipment including Laser Transmitters, EDFAs, Return Path Receivers, and passive splitters. With our MicroNode family of products, Alloptic provides you all the components you need to deliver an RFoG solution to your customers. Delivering OpEx savings and seamless migration over a fiber optic infrastructure.

Alloptic offers an on-board management solutions (GigaVu) for managing a single device as well as an integrated network management solution (GEMS) for managing an entire network. With GEMS we are able to integrate your Alloptic access network into your existing OSS/BSS solutions. If you are using DOCSIS to provision your network today, the third Alloptic management option, the DPC DOCSIS PON Controller, allows you continue to use your current DOCSIS provisioning processes and back office software while rolling out an EPON architecture using Alloptic equipment.

Keywords: Optical Networking, Traditional Telephone, Video Service