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By: Allan's Corruquip  11-11-2011
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Agnati has over 70 years experience in the manufacturing of corrugated machinery. With their head office and manufacturing facility near Milano in Italy, Agnati supplies corrugated board manufacturers world wide with the latest technology of corrugators available today. This high level of technology, combined with many years of experiene, makes Agnati one of the leading suppliers of corrugated machinery in the world today.

BAHMÜLLER Bahmuller is a leading German manufacturer specializing in Folding, glueing, stitching and taping of corrugated boxes. Their speciality folding machines cover a wide range of box designs from basic stitches to high speed folder gluers.


FORMING AND GLUING MACHINE FOR OPEN TOP TRAYS Boix is situated in the south of Spain, manufactures machinery for the forming and gluing of all types of cardboard boxes with their speciality being the erecting and gluing of open top trays for the agricultural industry. With exports of machines world wide BOIX has become the number one supplier of carton erecting machines.


DayCorr of Dayton, Ohio, with their manufacturing facility in North Carolina, USA, manufactures long life Die-cut anvil covers for rotary Die-cutting machines. With the patented diamond Loc II boltless installation channel, DayCorr gives you the easiest and quickest anvil cover installation and rotation available. This, together with their highly resilient cutting surfaces, ensures the most economical Die-cut anvils for your machine.


FELTRI MARONE corrugator belts are manufactured with special synthetic fibers to improve resistance to high temperatures and mechanical wear. Our exclusive radial needling technology obtains a complete dimensional stability in the most critical operating situations while ensuring perfect uniformity of the thickness and permeability. The production process is constantly controlled through each phase in accordance with the parameters of ISO 9001 International Quality Standards, which FELTRI MARONE has been awarded. By producing a complete range of corrugator belts, we are able to employ specialized design characteristics for every type of corrugated plant and board grade in the industry. Based on individual requirements, special chemical treatments are also applied which improve thermal efficiency (THERMICSTAT ® ) or increase resistance to caliper loss on the edges (RE - 30 ® ) due to the frequent changes in board width. Recently, a new polymer surface treatment has been introduced to obtain the maximum performance on machines modified with belt less or semi-belt less systems. All FELTRI MARONE corrugator belts are manufactures with the exclusive WHISPER SEAM ® , available in either single or double flap design in order to protect both board and pressure plates. The production line also includes complementary products, such as synthetic bridge/incline, stacker and cut-off belts as well as pulley lagging for the drive drums. Operating worldwide for over 40 years, FELTRI MARONE can supply high quality products and efficient technical assistance to obtain the optimal results in every application. FELTRI MARONE commercial service is at your full disposal to provide sales and technical assistance in your country. The new Feltri Marone Rhino-hyde belt ensures an even longer corrugator belt life.

Göpfort is located in Wiesentheid, Germany, and is one of the world leaders in the manufacturer of high graphic flexo-printing, Die-cut and case maker lines for the corrugated cardboard industry. Their evolution printing technology has established their converting machinery as one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of converting equipment.

Erhardt & Leimer

Erhardt and Leimer, situated in Bielefeld , Germany , manufacture the highest technology web guiding and tensioning systems for the corrugated industry. Their latest development is a complete corrugators control system which controls all of the settings and parameters of the various machine functions of the complete corrugators.


Minda of Mindon is the leader in the field of material handling systems for the corrugated industry. The Minda system automates the movement of corrugated sheet stacks from the exit of the corrugator to the loading tracks in the dispach area. Minda has also developed systems that give complete data tracking and material flow information to the PC network via the MInda planning and control system. Minda also developed a fully automated real handling system at the corrugator wet-end.

Terdeca is a wordwide leading company in the manufacture of corrugating rolls. Since 2000 Terdeca has been part of the CMG Group who are major manufacturers of tissue converting machines.

Keywords: Corrugator Belts