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By: Allan Jack  11-11-2011
Keywords: Wine, Wine Cellar, Wine Storage Area

Wine cellar advice and management
A wine cellar is an underground storage area for wine in bottles or barrels. My service focuses on wine cellars located in homes, restaurants and / or hotels; wine that is stored in bottles.
Wine cellars are built underground to reduce temperature fluctuations and provide darkness. Wine is a natural, perishable food product that if left exposed to heat, light, vibration or fluctuating temperatures can spoil. When properly stored, wine can maintain its quality and improve over time.

If you don’t keep wine for more than a week or two then a wine cellar will not really be necessary. But if you like to have a few cases of wine at home and keep some bottles for months or years, then you should consider a cellar / wine storage area.

Of course, whatever the size, you need to replenish as you consume – not necessarily on a daily basis! Starting out, you need to look for the best possible site. In the normal home environment you could ask your wife to share some of her linen cupboard space – reason being that the three things that wine does not like are light, noise / vibration and varying temperatures. The linen cupboard offers the best spot in most houses – three internal walls, normally in a quiet passage with a door that is mostly kept closed! Most people think that a wine cellar must be a “walk in” wine cellar, a separate underground storage room but many other options exist such as a “linen cupboard” wine cellar, a “wine cellar in an alcove” and a wine cellar under the stairs.

You could also enclose a space under your staircase. Not always the most accessible place to put a wine storage area but it can be a good, affordable option. Temperature and humidity control are crucial when investing in a large cellar but less important when investing in a small collection of wine. If you are building a walk in wine cellar there is a wide range of racking available ranging from the aesthetically pleasing to the functional. Racking must be sturdy and able to store bottles on their side.

I offer the following services:

  • Where to place your cellar / wine storage area
  • Design and layout of cellar in conjunction with your architect (for walk-in wine cellars)
  • Racking and storage
  • Temperature and humidity control in conjunction with your air conditioning consultant
  • Investment in wine for further maturation (South African and international wines)
  • New releases and every day drinking wines
  • Stock rotation

I offer the following services:

  • Layout of a cellar
  • Stock rotation
  • Temperature control and humidity
  • Identification of further maturation stock / drinking stock
  • Investment in wine for further maturation (South African and international wines)
  • New releases and every day drinking wines

Other services

  • Wine tasting – South African wines, champagne and port
  • Sabrage demonstration (open a bottle of champagne using a sabre)
  • Wine and food pairing evenings
  • MC wine functions
  • Wine and chocolate tastings

Keywords: Wine, Wine Cellar, Wine Storage Area

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The winesense Preserver is suitable for preserving wine, sparkling wine and champagne as it prevents these products from oxidizing after opening by placing a layer of argon gas (an inert, tasteless gas) on top of the wine, thus eliminating expensive ‘wine write off’ practices. Two squirts into a half used bottle of wine will place a layer of argon gas on top of the wine and preserve it for a period of 5 – 7 days.