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By: Alexander Proudfoot  11-11-2011
Keywords: Productivity

  • Spectacular results increases on time delivery from zero to 89%

    One of only two aircraft manufacturers in the market for large commerical airliners, the organization worked with Alexander Proudfoot on two different projects aimed at raising productivity and decreasing cycle times.
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  • Canadian utility increases productivity and reduces overtime expense

    Leading provider of power, water, natural gas and related products and services addresses post-acquisition challenges and a changing regulatory environment.  
  • Doral Financial streamlines operations and reduces costs

    In the face of a declining mortgage market, Doral Financial realized it needed to streamline its operations and reduce costs. Management turned to Alexander Proudfoot for assistance.  
  • Healthcare clients on the road to recovery

    How does a major healthcare provider become the dominant player in the inpatient rehabilitation healthcare market? How does this chain of 100 hospitals and outpatient facilities cut costs while simultaneously generating higher revenues?

  • Sales performance increases 29%

    The client offers the most comprehensive and innovative package of voice and data services in the market. It's joint venture operation is the fastest growing online search directory in the US, providing exposure to more than 90 million monthly consumer business searches.
  • Shifting into overdrive - Automotive CEO describes partnership with Proudfoot

    An interview with Rudolf Klein, CEO, ZF Passau. Klein highlights the expectations, realities and results of an operational improvement project with Proudfoot.
  • International Power Hazelwood powers up productivity

    In a highly competitive electricity generation market, the cost effectiveness of coal mining and power station operations plays an important role in the overall competitiveness of power generators.
  • Keywords: Productivity

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    Canada releases second quarter labor productivity report

    Overall labor productivity in Canada's business sector fell 0.9 percent in the second quarter after a 0.4 percent increase in Q1, most likely due to factors that affected output more than labor, such as wildfires in Northern Alberta and a Japanese tsunami. In neighboring United States, business productivity also fell by 0.7 percent in the second quarter, marking the first time there have been two consecutive declining quarters since 2008.