ALC Lasers - services

By: Alc Lasers  11-11-2011

ALC Lasers provides a comprehensive range of services to assist our clients and anyone else in the medical and cosmetic laser industry with their requirements. Those services range from maintenance and repair of laser equipment, nationally endorsed training courses in various aspects of laser treatments, information that empowers potential buyers with all they need to know to make informed decisions in this highly complex field, consulting services to determine optimum treatment protocols, to business services like insurance, finance and marketing.

Business support

ALC Lasers is driven by a passion to serve our customers. In fact, we count customer satisfaction as our most important measure of excellence. Accordingly, we instill in our employees an unflagging dedication to exceeding customer needs and expectations.
New technology, quality solutions, product training and support, as well as customer education are vital services that we consider integral parts of our products. As long-term partners with our customers, we deliver dynamic models and tools to help improve patient throughput and customer competitiveness. Continuous training of our technical support and field engineers ensures the very best in product support and customer service, creating the ultimate in value-added benefits and making ALC Lasers the respected leader in the South African market for medical laser equipment.

Marketing Support

ALC Lasers offers up-to-date marketing tools you can use to enhance and promote your practice. These customisable tools are available to you with the purchase of your laser. Today's market demands more assistance which is why we have identified a wealth of ways to advocate the growth of your business.

Technical Support

There is no finer technical and service support organization than ALC Lasers' team of service representatives. You can rest assured that your issues will be resolved in a helpful, expedient manner and you will be treated with the utmost respect.

Clinical Support

ALC Lasers has a multitude of ways to ensure our customers receive the necessary Clinical training they deserve on our products. Clinical education for our customers is one of our top priorities in order to ensure safe and effective treatments of your patients.

Financial Support

ALC Lasers offers optional Financial assistance to any of our customers who so desire it. We provide you with materials to make your life easier and convenient tools to make sure your approval process is prompt and pleasant.

Consulting Services

ALC Lasers provides a full range of consulting services not only to existing laser professionals, but also people and businesses planning to become part of the cosmetic and medical laser industry.

These services includes:

Business planning
Financial and insurance assistance
Training and development
Clinical assistance