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By: Airmedia  11-11-2011

Frustrated by inconsistentvolume levels?

The Constant Volume Controller (CVC) is designed specifically to ensure that sound levels coming from PAs and audio distribution systems are automatically kept constant.

Set and forget

The CVC is easily installed between audio sources (eg. satellite decoder) and your amplifier. Since it has no user settings, it cannot be incorrectly installed.

It continues to work effectively even when you change the audio input to another source (eg. change channels or switch from CD to FM). Other generic equipment is normally quite complicated to setup correctly and should be reset every time the input is changed. The CVC performs all the tasks of several other devices automatically and constantly with no user intervention.

Protects your other equipment

The CVC has standard RCA inputs and outputs and is designed to safeguard all your downstream equipment from levels in excess of expected dynamic peaks and huge changes in levels associated with different sources.

The Birchwood Executive Hotel & Conference Centre recently installed a CVC to control their entire centre's volume levels

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