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By: Airline Control Systems  11-11-2011
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Executive Summary

The PerformOps Suite consists of various modules that can be bundled together to address very specific areas of an aviation operation.  PerformOps Res is one standard bundle of modules to address Inventory Management, Reservation, Distribution and Fulfilment.  We Have one key focus, which is to "Offer a New Competitive Edge" to the user.

  • Inventory Management - The PerformOps key focus to inventory management is to minimise effort and maximise revenue. 
    Describe inventory accurately with rich Aircraft-, Route-, Airport- and Terminal- data.
    Price your inventory with multiple fare classes per cabin class, and adjust pricing at any time during the sales cycle to ensure maximum yield.
    Configure fare rules that will ensure up-selling of fares.
    Control flights, fares, users and resellers with catalogues to ensure the correct fares are available to the correct buyer.
  • Reservations & Distribution - The PerformOps Suite offers five different booking engines distributing inventory over three different sales channels, being the www, GDS and GSM mobile networks.  We ensure a pleasant experience when users use our booking engines, offering intuitive and fast user interfaces.
  • Fulfilment - We realise fulfilment is the final but crucial step of any ensure the buyers are comfortable to complete their bookings and spend their money with your company.  This process can become complex and expensive, but the PerformOps focus is to ensure is it simple, quick and does not incur extra costs, regardless of the sales channel used.

PerformOps is built using the latest development tools, and incorporate the best building blocks to ensure we can "Offer a New Competitive Edge" to our customers.  ACS employs its own developers and owns all the intellectual property to PerformOps.  We are agile and quickly customise software where required.

PerformOps is quick to configure and render ready for sales.  ACS requires 5 working days to prepare the database for a new customer, after which the training program requires 2 weeks of dedicated training.  The training sessions are used to explore and discuss the loading of the airline, and at the same time the actual configuration of the airline database.  After training PerformOps is configured and ready for production/sales.

PerformOps is maintained and supported by the owner/developer of the software.  This means you get the highest level of support and will never have to wait for a query that is referred to the developer/owner.

What is PerformOps Res?

PerformOps Res is a minimum set of pre-selected modules from PerformOps, to offer complete Inventory Management, Reservation & Distribution and fulfilment functionality.  This minimum set of modules are detailed in this section.


PerformOps Res can accommodate the small start-up operation, to the established international airline, be it a Low Cost Carrier (LCC) or a legacy full product carrier.

PerformOps Res can distribute the airline inventory over:

  • Worldwide Web
  • Global Distribution Systems
  • GSM Mobile Network

PerformOps Res is a hosted solution and requires no specialised hardware or software.  Data is backed up daily and we guarantee a 99.95% availability.

PerformOps Res is configured from a Remote Desktop application allowing remote support on a common session.  This ensures accurate and easy support to any location worldwide.

PerformOps Res offers five booking engines with dedicated application.  All engines access 'last seat availability' and offer seamless compatibility.  One login access all engines and backoffice.

  • Shopfront - Internet Reservations
  • PoweRes - Call Centre Booking Engine
  • AirimPro - GDS Reservations.
  • WhizRes - Smart Client for low bandwidth deployment
  • mRes - Mobile GSM Reservations

PerformOps Res is armed with an XML API and an older Type B interface.  Connectivity uses modern 'token' and SSL technology offering security and flexibility.

PerformOps Res is maintained and supported by the owner/developer of the software.  This means you get the highest level of support and will never have to wait for a query that is referred to the developer/owner.

PerformOps Res , in cooperation with Hahn Air, enables GDS sales in any BSP worldwide and IATA E-Ticketing to an Amadeus ETS.  This ensures Amadeus interline capability and revenue accounting.

Functionality Overview

Inventory Management

Includes Network configuration to accurately define and manage inventory.  This include:

  • Countries, Cities and Airports accurately defined with time zone data, airport terminal data etc.
  • CityPairs, Routes and Route Groups to enable easy 'group' reporting and baggage restrictions/excess charges management.
  • Taxes, Levies and Fee's managed in profiles to easily create groups to assign to routes.  Control tax applicability with passenger 'types'.

Includes Operations configuration to accurately define and manage inventory.  This include:

  • Aircraft Type Management to define multiple cabin types, capacity, cabin configuration 
  • Aircraft Times per Route to control flight times, connecting times etc.
  • Airport Handling Times per Aircraft Type.

Includes Revenue configuration to accurately define and manage inventory.  This include:

  • Multiple Cabin Types 'Base Fare' per Route
  • Multiple Fares per Cabin per Route
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Configure Loyalty Program levels
  • Configure Catalogues to control reseller access to flights/fares
  • Manage reseller/customer discounts and commissions
  • Fare conditions (rules) per fare class to control cancellation penalty.
  • Enable nesting and Fare Buckets

Includes TimeTable configuration to accurately define and manage inventory.  This include:

  • Easy management and creation of flights through the use of seasonal time tables.
  • User permissions ensure data ownership to manage 'eyes only' protection.
  • Flexible Flight Number configuration.
  • Multi Sector configuration allowing 'Connecting Flights' (or Through Flights) with dissimilar aircraft types per sector.
  • Easily create 'Ad Hoc' flights to distribute and sell.
  • Create SSIM files for OAG data files

Includes Flight Management to manage flight changes easily and quickly.  This include:

  • Search query to manage one- or many- flights at a time.
  • Adjust fare profiles, aircraft types, times, cancel flights, change availability catalogues etc from one central interface.

Reservations & Distribution

PerformOps Res accommodates Legacy airline models, and include:

GDS AIRIMPRO Booking Engine

  • Global Distribution Systems Integration - We have integrated with Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan, Sabre and Abacus.  Real time PNR creation with Vendor Locator distribution, E-Ticket Number extraction and NAVS.
  • Advanced Type B AIRIMP integration to accommodate book, cancel, PNR split, group bookings, TTL, BTL and waitlisting.
  • Automated Robots manage TTL and BTL notification and cancellation.
  • Advanced Type A integration is currently being tested with Amadeus and Galileo.  Project delivery milestone is February 2010.
  • SSR and OSI extraction and management.
  • Automatic PNL construction with export to external DCS.
  • ACS enables, configures and manages connectivity to GDS for Type A and Type B communication.
  • Cooperating with Hahn Air, PerformOps offers IATA E-Ticketing in virtually all BSP regions worldwide.

PerformOps Res accommodates Modern e-commerce airline models, and include:

Modern Internet Booking Engine (Shopfront)

  • XML based shopfront deploying latest XML, AJAX and DotNet technology to offer an exciting web booking engine.
  • Fully customisable 'look and feel' managed with Microsoft Themes
  • Full browser compatibility.
  • Simple or Complex PNR construction.
  • Multiple payment options, controlled per logged in user.
  • Multiple fare class display allowing 'up-selling' to maximise revenue.
  • B2B and B2C functionality.
  • Full Online Order management for Order Changes.
  • Online reporting of Bookings, Invoices and Standard Documents.
  • Automatic E-mail and/or SMS of booking confirmation.

PerformOps Res accommodates Advanced Reseller Reservations through an Advanced Desktop application, dedicated for call-centre utilisation.  It includes:

PoweRes Booking Engine

  • Rich Graphical Windows based Remote Desktop Application.
  • Common User Session available to support 'on screen'.
  • Full Reservations Control with booking management, Search Functions, Reporting and SSR/OSI/Comment tools.
  • UM Bookings and Management
  • Complex bookings with multiple PNR's, routes and disjunctive (ARNK) routes.
  • Log In controls Payment Options, Discounts/Commissions and Catalogues
  • PNR History
  • Legacy 'Blue Screen' display
  • Reporting, Pax documentation e-mail etc.

PerformOps Res accommodates Advanced Reseller Reservations through a Smart Client Distributed Application, dedicated to low bandwidth operation.  It includes:

WhizRes Booking Engine

  • Full Reservations Control with booking management, Search Functions, Reporting and SSR/OSI tools.
  • Complex bookings with multiple PNR's, routes and disjunctive routes.
  • Log In controls Payment Options, Discounts/Commissions and Catalogues
  • Catalogues control access to Flights/Fares
  • Visual 'Tree View' to simplify Order Management
  • Express Ticketing
  • Custom fares (Private Fares)
  • PNR History


Departure Control System

PerformOps Res offer a sophisticated DCS that is a Smart Client distributed application.  The detail of the DCS functionality falls outside the scope of this document, save to list the functionality.  ACS is certifying this DCS, and will be in the USA in March to finalise the SITA CUTE certification.

The functionality include:

  • Custom User Log In
  • Check In MODE
    • Seat Assignment
    • Individual Passenger Check-In
    • Group Check-In
    • Edit Passeger Details
    • Add Passenger SSRs
    • Board Passengers
  • Controller MODE
    • Open Flight
    • Close Flight
    • Suspent Flight
    • Finalize Flight
    • Start Boarding
    • De-Check-In Passengers
  • Aircragft Seating Configuration
  • Crew Assignment and Changing Aircraft Registration
  • Weight Restrictions
  • Payload Setup
  • Maximum Seat Adjustment
  • Total Cargo Weight Setup
    • Passenger Manifest
    • Passenger Weight Summary           
    • Boarding Pass
    • Baggage Tag


PerformOps Res offers rich reporting, all of which can be printed in PDF format, or exported as CSV files for manipulation in Excel.  These include:

  • Flight Documentation
    • Order Confirmation (with or without HX Pax)
    • Itinerary (with or without HX Pax)
    • Tax Invoice
    • ET (ACS E-Ticket)
  • Orders Reports
    • Date Range Report
    • Order Status Report
    • Order Payment Status Report
    • Agency Report
    • Agent Report
  • Invoice Reports
    • Date Range Report
    • Invoice Payment Type Report
    • Invoice Payment Status Report
    • Agency Report
    • Agent Report
    • Sponsor Report
  • Pax Name List Reports
    • Pax Name List Flight/Date Report
    • Pax Name List Payment Status Report
    • Pax Name List DCS Status Report
    • Pax Name List Res Status Report
  • Flight Load Factor Reports
    • Date Range Report
    • CityPair Loadfactor Report
    • Route Loadfactor Report
  • Pax Revenue Report
    • Date Range Report
      • Flight Date
      • Invoice Date
      • Payment Date
    • Pax Res Status Revenue Report
    • Pax on Order Revenue Report
    • Pax Payment Type Revenue Report
    • Pax Payment Status Revenue Report
    • Pax per Agency Revenue Report
    • Pax per Agent Revenue Report
    • Pax per Impersonator Revenue Report
    • Pax per Flight Revenue Report
    • Pax per Age Group Revenue Report
    • OSI/SSR and Log data

Payment Gateway Integration

PerformOps Res can be integrated with most Payment Gateways.  It has been integrated with Client/Server DotNet object driven providers, XML and 'Redirect' providers and 3D Secure capable providers.


PerformOps Res is a hosted solution, and the airline does not require any technical expertise.  ACS will ensure adequate bandwidth, security, virus protection and backup.

Implementation is quick, as no more than 20 working days are required from concluding commercial requirements to 'live production' sales.

Keywords: Flight

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