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By: Airband  11-11-2011


Airband has two major products:

  • Airband Internet
  • Airband Office to Office

Airband Internet is a direct connection to the Internet and is billed on a per GB used basis. The speed is rate limted to up to 2 mbps. Most customers enjoy around 1.5 mbps upload and download speed. Airband is not asynchronous. Airband links to SAI who are their Internet supplier. SA link to Internet Solutions, Telkom and Vodacom.

The technical solution set up at SAI allows SAI (also using Airband links) to dynamically chose which IPS to use. This means the back end Internet supplier can be changed very easily based on price and performance.

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Welcome to Airband - solutions

It has thrived in South Africa as a small business product because the bandwidth starved economy really had no other option. Airband provide and recommend an ADSL and wireless combines solution that allows for fail over between one and the other. The probability equation states if ADSL and Airband have a 99% uptime, then combined the uptime will be 99.99%.