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By: Airaya  11-11-2011
Keywords: Wireless Networks, Video Surveillance, Wireless Bridge

WirelessGRID-300 : Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Backhaul Bridge for Point-to-Point and Multipoint Backhaul with speeds up to 300 Mbps For low-latency, high performance wireless point-to-point backhaul applications

Purpose-built, robust design for use in Outdoor Wireless Networks

The integrated outdoor architecture of WirelessGRID-300 outdoor bridges provides for simple installation, maximum range and capacity, delivering outstanding performance (up to 300 Mbps) in a weatherproof design. Utilizing a 3x3:2 MIMO OFDM Radio design and adaptive modulation in the 5GHz (4.90-5.85 GHz) frequency range, WirelessGRID-300 outdoor backhaul radios operate at a range of up to 30 miles* and at speeds up to 300 Mbps.

Outstanding Preformance and Features in a Cost-Effective Platform

Ideally suited for bandwidth-hungry applications that require fast, affordable, reliable, and secure point-to-point connectivity, the fully-integrated outdoor series of WirelessGRID-300 radio bridges provides optimal delivery of IP voice, data, and video services. With a 20 and 40 MHz wide channel plan, the available channels can be used to meet your capacity, speed, scalability, and user needs, while complying with local regulations. Whether you are connecting two buildings, a campus, or a city-wide municipal network, the WirelessGRID-300 wireless Ethernet Bridges provide the flexibility to deploy fast, affordable and proven outdoor wireless bridge backhaul solutions. Simple Antenna Alignment and System Monitoring Features

Simply run the integrated tool between any two WirelessGRID-300 backhaul radios and the signal strength (in dB) of each antenna connection is streamed across your computer screen, allowing you to maximize signal quality and improve link performance and reliability. While in operation, you can also monitor signal strength between local and remote locations in real time to check for changes in the environment and troubleshoot technical problems remotely. Popular Applications Include
  • Rural Broadband Service Infrastructure

  • Video Surveillance Point-to-Point and Multipoint Backhaul

  • WiMAX BTS High-capacity backhaul

  • Wireless ISP infrastructure backhaul

  • Building-to-building connectivity at Fast Ethernet speeds

  • Cost-effective alternative for legacy microwave links

  • WISP Internet POP for remote areas

  • Reliable backup for high-speed FSO and millimeter-wave links or fiber lines

Keywords: Antenna Alignment, Video Surveillance, Wireless Bridge, Wireless Networks

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Outdoor Wireless Bridge Kit-300 Mbps | Outdoor Wireless Bridges for Point-to-Point Backhaul

Designed for secure very high bandwidth point-to-point IP communication, WirelessGRID-300 outdoor wireless bridges utilize AIRAYA's exclusive bridging protocol, providing robust, reliable, and secure high-speed distribution of video, data and voice traffic between 2 or more locations. AIRAYA 300 Mbps WirelessGRID-300 outdoor wireless bridges are designed for applications requiring very high bandwidth.


AIRAYA 300 Mbps MIMO Outdoor Wireless Bridge Kit

Utilizing MIMO hardware technology and proprietary bridging firmware, the WG-300 provides up to 120 Mbps of actual TCP/IP throughput for building-to-building communication utilizing any of the 4.94-4.99, 5.25-5.35, 5.47-5.72 and 5.725-5.85 GHz frequency bands. 24 dBi Outdoor Panel with mounting hardware kit 29 dBi Parabolic Dish with mounting hardware kit.


Proven Wireless Video Camera Power and Network Subsystem

AIRAYA WGS products have been tested and will work with the video camera manufacturers listed below. Please contact AIRAYA for more information, or to check on compatibility with a specific camera model or manufacturer.