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By: Air Products South Africa  11-11-2011
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Customer Contact Center Package Gas

In order to provide the best possible service to our Packaged Gas customers, our Order-To-Receipt (OTR) Customer Care Team are on call to centrally service all our customer’s orders, deliveries, invoices and account queries.

By dialling (011) 977-6444 you will be connected to one of our fully trained team, who are equipped to deal with any query, from placing an order, expediting a delivery, querying an invoice or handling a complaint about any deficient product or service. Should the team not be able to assist on any query, they will re-direct the call to someone who can resolve the problem.

The call centre is open between 08h00 and 16h30 – Monday to Friday.

Call Centre Number – (011) 977-6444

Service Plus Product Supply

At Air Products, we have developed a comprehensive Product Supply Package. We use the latest IT and business processes to ensure customers receive the best in logistics service.

By taking control of the forecasting and ordering process, we are able to deliver the lowest possible operational costs. This means you have more time to concentrate on your core business activities, while we take care of the logistics and your product needs.

We recognise that many of our customers require additional support tailored specifically to their needs. For this reason we have developed an option which offers a range of distribution services.

The Standard Product Supply Package includes the following:

  • 48 hour customer order delivery only when unrestricted access and power is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week,


  • if appropriate, automatic delivery forecasting and supply when unrestricted access and power is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Orders and enquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • A delivery note detailing the quantity of product supplied
  • One copy of a standard delivery note/invoice provided
  • A statement of Product Specification will be provided
  • Emergency call out for all equipment owned by Air Products
  • The supply of safety related product information

Service Plus

If required, customers can select from a variety of additional services available through our Service Plus range. The extra options available are listed below.

Express Service

For customers who need products delivered urgently , we can accept orders by telephone or fax and deliver within 48 hours subject to product availability .

Purity Certificates

We can supply a Certificate of Purity/Analysis over and above the standard.


We are able to provide this service where customers require the additional comfort of
telemetry assisted data.

Specialised Access

For customers with one or more of the following site conditions:

  • Restricted delivery times at the site
  • Limited room for tanker access to the site
  • Limited availability of utilities on site

In these cases, Air Products can supply a service to suit the customer’s specific needs.


We can supply multiple invoices if required.
In addition to these additional Service Plus options, we have created our Technical Service Plus package. This offers customers access to Air Products’ specialists in the field of industrial gas technology and process.

Air Products offers the following as part of the Service Plus programme:

  • Process evaluation: The review of existing (or proposed) process systems to improve costs, safety and efficiency. This evaluation can be as simple as evaluating pressure losses along a pipeline to complex process integrations.
  • Process optimization: To implement the results of the process evaluation.
  • Project management: Air Products offers a turn key management facility. This covers civil, electric, electronic and mechanical systems.
  • Equipment: In addition to our standard range of enabling equipment ranging from food freezing tunnels to burner flow control skids, Air Products can supply further tailored or specialist equipment to suit specific customer processes.
  • Distribution systems: The supply and installation of gas distribution systems from point of supply to point of use. The systems will be fully pressure tested and certificates supplied.
  • Telemetry: A remote monitoring package for process equipment and gas storage facilities is available.
  • Inspection: Air Products will arrange contract inspection of customer owned gas related equipment, to ensure it complies with statutory and industry requirements.
  • Maintenance: Air Products’ engineers carry out contract maintenance of customer owned or Air Products owned equipment.
  • Pressure testing: The supply of pressure testing and leak detection services for all applications.
  • APEX Industrial Gas Services are provided by Air Products’ specialist nitrogen and hydrogen services group (APEX) and include purging, pressure testing, helium leak detection, reactor cool down and back-up services for use during plant shut down periods. Pressures can be supplied up to 690 barg and flow rates up to 25,000 Nm 3/hr.
  • Analytical Services: Air Products’ specialists conduct gas analysis at the customer site. This may include in-line or sampling techniques, emissions characterization and process support often specific to the electronics industry.
  • Training: Tailor made training packages are available covering the wide range of products and systems supplied by Air Products.

These include:

  • Properties of gases
  • Handling of gases
  • Operation of equipment
  • Refresher training on the operation/safety of equipment
  • Legislative training

Safety, health and environment: Our specialists are able to offer a technical advice service for safety, health and environment issues which include HAZOPs, hazard reviews, consequence analysis, reliability analysis etc.

Emergency cover: A 24 hour technical response for both Air Products and customer owned gas related equipment. All supplies are subject to Air Products’ Terms and Conditions.

Keywords: Gas

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