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By: Agriworks  11-11-2011

Established in 1950 Coldfact has over the years been built up to be one of the major role players in the supply, installation and maintenance of cooling plants to the South African wine industry. Coldfact grew with the wine industry, adapti..
From a small hand-held model to larger truck-mounted fog unit, our extensive product line addresses the requirements of all users.
Humidco supplies: (a) humidifying systems for wineries to reduce evaporation of wine and alcohol, (b) evaporating cooling systems for dairies, piggeries, poultry hatches as well as recreation and industrial working areas, (c) misting/fog..

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ITT Water & Wastewater is a global provider of water handling and treatment solutions for municipal and industrial customers in more than 140 countries. Products include drip irrigation, micro sprinklers, hydraulic valves, automation equipment and other related products. Our specialities include continues logging soil moisture probes with various options from RF to GPRS.


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Babcock is the exclusive regional distributor for leading international brands including Volvo Construction Equipment, Winget concrete handling equipment, Ponsse forestry equipment, DAF trucks and Tadano cranes in South Africa. To find comprehensive solutions for the individual problems of customers in Hydro economy is the task which ELSUMO has taken on.


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Display of safety shoes and top line handmade leather shoes as well as handling equipment, i.e. aluminium folding nose trolleys, steel trolleys, pallet jacks, etc. Our AUSTRALIAN Outback-inspired footwear features premium full grain leathers, state-of-the-art materials and an attention to detail tha.. Rossi Boots continue to keep “in step” with the ever changing lifestyles of our customers too.


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Alnet is die grootste en die oudste trotse Suid Afrikaanse vervaardiger van skadunette, haelnette, toue, vragnette, visnette, camonette, voelnette, en sportnette in die land. Alnet is trots om daarop te roem dat slegs kwaliteit produkte ver..


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Neutrog has developed a range of high quality 100% certified organic products, which are manufactured to strict specifications. This con-sistent and reliable quality, and ready supply, has ensured the successful growth of Neutrog in the fer.. Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.