3-module course | Afrosai-E Performance Audit

By: Afrosai-e Performance Audit  11-11-2011

A 3-module course for performance auditors will take place in South Africa.

The 3-modules will take place the following date:

  • Basic module (20 – 24 June, 2011)
  • Pre-study module (26 September – 7 October, 2011)
  • Main-study module (12 – 16 March, 2012).

Member SAIs are invited to nominate at least 2 participants to participate in the course.

Participants are expected to attend all three modules and it is not possible just to attend one. To qualify to attend the pre-study module, participants should write a pre-study and to qualify to attend the main-study module participants should write a main study report. It is expected that those reports also will be finalised and tabled by the SAIs according to the SAIs tabling procedures. Time estimated for the pre-study work at their home SAI is 2 months full time and for the main study 4 months full time.