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By: Africom Media  11-11-2011
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Media Services

Share of voice or share of heart?

With the wide variety of voices vying for the consumer’s attention, how can you ensure that yours is the one that is heard? By speaking not to the ears, but to that part of us that we all listen to and trust, the heart. Afri-Comm Media offers a variety of services that engages the minds and connects with the heart of the consumer.

  • Corporate identity and communication
    An organization’s corporate image is a picture of its past, present and future. Afri-Comm Media will create an identity and develop communication that says where your corporation has come from, where it is and where it is going. We also engage in several other corporate services such as corporate gifts and signage.
  • Outdoor media
    The largest medium of them all. At Afri-Comm Media, we recognize that sometimes size does matter. We create billboards, posters and banners that engage with your target market. We will also arrange for appropriate outdoor media placement that will access the largest share of hearts and minds. If you have to go big, go with Afri-comm Media.
  • Audio-Visual work
    The synthesis of sight and sound. Afri-Comm Media will create, edit and produce audio-visual work that will delight, inspire and move your intended audience. Our audio-visual work can be used for corporate communication, presentations, websites and other digital media.
  • Design and layout services
    Good design is integral to a successful brand image. Our design work is conceptually sound, visually strong and will contribute to building a healthy brand image. Afri-Comm Media is also involved in the design and layout of publications, newspaper and magazine ads, flyers and other promotional material.
  • Print Production
    Afri-Comm Media offers print production services at affordable rates and impeccable quality. Our turn-around times are prompt but do not sacrifice excellence at the altar of haste. So you can always be assured of quality print work, pronto.
  • Web development
    With the explosion of the internet, it is crucial for organizations to have an online presence. Afri-Comm Media offers web development services that include website design and maintenance. We have mastered communication that reaches minds and touches hearts in the online world just as we have in the offline one.

Keywords: Print Production