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By: African Wax  11-11-2011
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Oil Soluble Dye

Solvent dyes and oil dyes are names that are used interchangeably to describe a dye or colourant which is soluble in organic solvents. Solvent dyes are used to color organic solvents, like waxes. Their molecules are typically nonpolar or little polar, and they do not undergo ionization. They are insoluble in water. They form a colloidal solution in solvents. Solvent dyes (or solvent-based dyes), and oil dyes (also called oil-based dyes or oil soluble dyes.) Their very nature - soluble in non-polar mediums - allows their versatility and many uses. Oil or solvent dye is used in applications such as foil printing, printing inks, marking pens, ball point pens, candles and other waxes, polishes, leathers, wood stains, acrylic resins, varnishes and shellacs.

Ultra Marine Blue

Ultramarine is a blue pigment consisting primarily of a double silicate of aluminium and sodium with some sulfides or sulfates, and occurring in nature as a proximate component of lapis lazuli. Artificial, like natural, ultramarine has a magnificent blue color, which is not affected by light or by contact with oil or lime as used in painting. It is used as a corrective for the yellowish tinge often present in things meant to be white, such as linen, paper, etc. This whitening effect is widely appreciated in many fields of application e.g. detergency, plastics, paints. Bluing or Laundry blue or washing blue is a solution of synthetic ultramarine (sometimes, Prussian blue) that is a household product used for this purpose when washing white clothes to improve the appearance of textiles, especially white fabrics.


Highly-refined paraffin wax can burn more cleanly than natural waxes, creating less particulates during combustion. The type of wick and inclusion of any scents and/or dyes have a much greater impact on the release of compounds, particulates, and smoke, regardless of the base material. The cleanest burning candle will be well-constructed, unscented, undyed, and burn in a draft-free area. A candle will burn well when formulated waxes are blended together (soy, paraffin and other waxes), and fragrance oils and wick selections are balanced properly.Today, candles are used mainly for their aesthetic value and scent, particularly to set a soft, warm, or romantic ambiance, and for emergency lighting during electrical power failures. Candles are also used in the religious ceremonies of many faiths.

Keywords: Candles, Paraffin wax

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If we have not made a machine with your candle size and weight, we are able to adjust the machine to accommodate your needs, or even design a new mould for you. We have many different moulds to choose from, with fluting and without, to suit your specific market. This Machine can make dinner tapered candles of different sizes and weights. 456 Moulded Candle Making Machine.