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By: Africa Rising  11-11-2011
Keywords: Knowledge Management, Management Practitioners

Africa Rising’s business approach is to work with companies which have a similar business philosophy as our company and where our strengths complement each other in creating a winning combination for the client.

Change Management Leadership and Facilitation.

The primary reason for the majority of system implementation failures is the human factor. As systems change human behaviour needs to change with it. People are fearful of change and require assistance in order to change.

Africa Rising, while having a depth of experience in change management of its own, partners with other companies to provide a totally integrated change facilitation process for their clients. We take the ‘systems’ approach to change behaviour and the training and motivational approach to change attitudes. Together, over time, they bring about the desired organisational cultural change.

Business Process Mapping and Development

A number of businesses struggle, not because they have poor management or the market conditions are against them, but because their internal business processes are not aligned with, and thus don’t support, their strategy, operations, the prevailing market conditions and, in some cases, their clients’ requirements. This is a particular risk for small companies dealing with rapid growth.

Africa Rising can assist these growing companies by developing robust business processes that support their growth strategies. We take the view that companies should grow into their business processes rather than grow out of their current processes. We help plan for the future.

In struggling companies an independent third party can often see flaws in current processes that, if corrected, can have significant effect on customer service, operations and the ‘bottom line’.

Knowledge Management and the Learning Organisation – Strategies and Implementation

Knowledge Management as a business discipline is relatively new yet it is freely acknowledged that the ‘Knowledge Economy’ will be driving international economic growth for the foreseeable future.

As Knowledge Management practitioners we at Africa Rising focus on 2nd Generation Knowledge Management philosophy and practises and thus do not only deal with the identification and dissemination of knowledge but place particular emphasis on the generation of new knowledge by the organisation.

Strategic Management and Strategy Facilitation

Haven’t you noticed how the word ‘strategic’ prefixes virtually every statement about planning, business and what are essentially day to day or short term actions. There is a dearth of understanding of what it is to think and act strategically.

Africa Rising takes a systemic view of strategic management and sees strategy as integrated into the fabric of the environment within which the organisation operates and must survive.

In this respect Africa Rising has been particularly active in the transport and satellite communication industries.

Management Systems: Development and implementation

What is a management system? What are the fundamental elements of a good management system? Why is my business not performing even though I have ‘good’ people?

This question has been asked of us at Africa Rising often enough for us to realise that there is a lack of understanding of the structure and nature of an effective management system. Poorly conceptualised management systems become a serious risk to a company when the going gets rough. The current global economic crisis is a case in point. Companies can’t afford underperforming systems at time like this.

At Africa Rising we see a management system as a ‘system of systems’ and in our development process identify the critical sub-systems in order to leverage the maximum effect as soon as possible. We define a management system as the interaction between the human element of the company and its policies, procedures, work instructions in order to enhance the effectiveness of the business.

Performance Management Systems

Individuals, teams and organisations often do not fulfil their full potential because they are unclear what is required of them. Performance management forces both management and employees to clarify their thinking in this regard.

Members of the Africa Rising team have been active in this area over a number of years using numerous interventions including the ‘Balanced Scorecard’. We see Performance management as one of the interventions the organisation has to direct the organisation’s ‘focus of main effort’, thus assisting in effective resource management.

Quality Management Systems

The Africa Rising team have been involved in various ‘Quality Culture’ interventions. Our philosophy is that while the organisation (and by implication its people) sees quality management only as a system it will not succeed. It is only truly successful when it has become a culture. Our approach is to bring about the cultural change necessary for lasting benefit to the organisation.

We have extensive experience in the implementation of the ISO 9000 Quality Management system.

Risk Management

The directors of Africa Rising have extensive Risk Management experience in an operational environment, particularly rail and engineering operations. This experience and knowledge is applied to whatever projects or contracts we tackle on behalf of a client.

Keywords: Knowledge Management, Management Practitioners