AFFSAF Health & Safety Consulting

By: Affsaf  11-11-2011
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AFFSAF is experienced in developing and implementing complete Health & Safety Management Systems from start to finish for any organisation of any size. The process begins with a thorough assessment of your organisation to establish all of its Health & Safety requirements. Once this assessment is complete, a specifically tailored Health & Safety Management System is developed to meet the needs of your business. AFFSAF will then help with the effective implementation and ongoing maintenance of the Health & Safety Management System – gaining buy-in from the workforce and encouraging ownership from key stakeholders – to ensure log-term success.

The Health & Safety Management System will not only enable your organisation to  maintain legal compliance in terms of South Africa’s legislative framework, it will also prepare your business to achieve and retain the standard required for OSHAS 18001 certification – the international bench-mark for excellence in Health & Safety Management.

Above all, the Health & Safety Management System will provide your organisation with a structured, coherent and effective approach to Health & Safety that will be to the benefit of all employees and the business as a whole.


AFFSAF has extensive experience in conducting third-party external audits to assess your organisation’s level of compliance in terms of legislative requirements and international best practice.

In line with your organisation’s Health & Safety Management System, AFFSAF will develop and implement a full compliance audit protocol for your organisation. For companies who choose not to implement a full Health & Safety Management System, AFFSAF can develop and implement an audit protocol to ensure base-line legal compliance is achieved.

AFFSAF can also train in-house staff to develop their competence in effective internal audit assessment techniques so that your organisation’s compliance-audit system is sustainable on a log-term basis.

As well as providing external risk assessment services, AFFSAF has many years’ experience in developing effective internal risk assessment programmes to ensure your organisation has the correct protocol is in place to identify, manage and control all relevant risk effectively.  

AFFSAF also specialise in the process of incident investigation. When an incident occurs, AFFSAF can provide you with experience and expertise to ensure facts are quickly and accurately established, correct conclusions are reached, key lessons are identified and the correct action taken.


AFFSAF promotes continuous course development and new courses are regularly added to our training content.

AFFSAF has a wealth of experience in developing custom made training courses to meet the specific needs of individual clients, so whatever your training needs, AFFSAF can work with you to meet them.

All AFFSAF training courses are facilitated by experienced AFFSAF consultant, guaranteeing competence and quality in the presentation of learning material, the encouragement of group discussion and the facilitation of individual and group based activities.

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