By: Aerocell  11-11-2011
Keywords: Spray Foam, Lead Nitrate, Thermal Barriers

Our Product Range

Vent-Seal Spray Foam Packs

Vent-Seal is a self-contained two component spray foam pack.  A pack consists of two light weight cylinders containing an isocynurate catalyst and polyol resin, despensing gun and kit containing four spare nozzles, safety gloves, goggles and the instruction leaflet.  The foam is rigid and has a soft pink colour.


-         Creating air tight barriers

-         Sealing porous surfaces

-         Creating thermal barriers

-         Sealing/Filling cavities

Dura-Seal Ventilation Panels

Dura-Seal is a light weight steel mesh screen with a fire retarded woven polypropylene backing. The panel is 2600 mm long by 600 mm wide and weighs about 2.6 kg. Dura-Seal panels are supplied in bundles of five and a bundle will cover approximately 7 m².


-         Acts as a support for Vent-Seal spray foam or concrete when building ventilation barriers.

-         Creating temporary rigid ventilation barriers.

Vent-Prop Ventilation Barrier Support

Vent-Prop is a light weight telescopic prop with a screw type tensioning system and remote tension release mechanism. The props come in three different sizes and will span gaps from 1.2 m to 4.6 m in width.


-         Acts as a support for Dura-Seal and Vent-Seal spray foam or concrete when building ventilation barriers.

-         Not to be used as a roof support!

Vent-Seal Carry Bag

The carry bag is manufactured from a robust PVC plastic and is designed to hold a Vent-Seal spray foam box on an operator’s back by means of two shoulder straps.

Fire-Hose Manifold

The Fire Hose Manifold consists of a “T” shaped body with a single 100 mm stortz inlet and four 50 mm brass adaptor outlets.

Lead Nitrate

The Lead Nitrate is an industrial grade white or off white crystal salt.

Front-Line Odour Warning System

Front-Line consists of a cylinder containing a pungent citrus fragrant housed in a metal box that can be positioned or mounted where needed. The systems are equipped with either an automatic or manual activation mechanism and once activated releases the citrus fragrant into the air flow of the mine ventilation. The fragrant quickly spreads throughout the mine warning employees of toxic gases or other emergencies.


-         Early evacuation warning for personnel downwind from a fire or dangerous gas emission.

Keywords: Lead Nitrate, Spray Foam, Thermal Barriers, Ventilation Barriers,