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By: Adzone Media  11-11-2011
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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines help internet users quickly and easily find information they are looking for. By simply typing in a keyword, users are confronted with millions of listings. Google has currently indexed over 1 trillion websites, obviously a user can sift through all of this themselves, so search engines apply a very complex algorithm to determine which website best suite what they user is looking for, this is often referred to as page ranking.

Adzone Media applies many advanced techniques in getting your website ranked as high as possible. From analysing your copy on your website, accessibility, and sourcing referral links back to your website. Search engine optimisation is becoming every more important as it is starting to play an important roll in the paid search arena as well. Search engines are no longer content on pushing paid traffic to websites that it thinks don't offer the user valuable content, this results in you paying far more to get targeted paid for traffic to your website.

In-depth Traffic Analysis

In our continuous efforts to improve our service, we meticulously analyse traffic reports. Our reports allow us to see what actions users are taking on your website and where most of the interest lies. This can then be conveyed over to you to so that you can improve product or service offering.

Traffic analysis is one of the most important tools, and without you are basically flying blind. It allows us to offer you the best results with the least amount spent on marketing.

Pay Per Lead

These lead generation companies often pass leads on to multiple suppliers in order to provide the buyer with several quotations for comparison or on an exclusive basis.

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