Advance Co

By: Advanceco  11-11-2011

Casual Employees are entitled to:

  • Union representation
  • May fall under the jurisdiction of collective bargaining concluded in a bargaining council.
  • Approach CCMA for relief against any wrongful treatment by the employers, including reasonable expectation of continuing/further employment.
  • Fair, equitable, non-discriminatory recruitment procedures.
  • Three days rotation of casuals will no longer be possible hindering production during peaks & troughs.

Advantages to the "Customer"

We meet fluctuating operational requirements in your organisation.

The Customer can concentrate on his Core Business while AdvanceCo assumes employer responsibility for all HR & IR Functions.

AdvanceCo indemnifies you as the Customer, against any claims & costs of any nature, arising out of AdvanceCo's contravention of the provisions contained in Section 198 (4) of the Labour Relations Act, Section 82 of the BCEA, Section 57 of the EEA and the provisions of the Income Tax as amended.

We comply with all the requirements of the L.R.A. and B.C.E.A. & various Bargaining Councils.

Being an APSO Member we are bound by a strong code of conduct to uplift ethics and maintain a professional image for the recruitment industry.

Our unique contract of employment ensures an unrestrictive solution to our client's flexibility, productivity and legal compliance.

We Preserve and ensure not to reveal any Privileged & Confidential Information disclosed by our Customers to any unauthorized parties.

Most Companies experience peaks and troughs, outsourcing staff maintains a cost effective solution to our clients.

Assist with Customer's special requirements (reference checks, psychometric evaluations, ITC checks, etc.) in terms of the law.

We become responsible for all administrative issues, payslip, payments, statutory benefits, record keeping, conforming to bargaining council regulations, UIF, COIDA etc.

Updated Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly tailor-made reports on facts & figures ensure that our Customers are well informed at all times of our outsourcing team and quality services.

We promptly ensure to place the most suitably experienced candidates in the shortest possible time.

Advantages to the "Employee"

We encourage a Good Working Relationship with honesty, empathy, open communication, passion & teamwork. We have an Active Interest with all our Employees.

AdvanceCo administers all payroll & contracts timeously and efficiently. Our employees feel secure knowing that we pay a fair wage & sustainable benefits as legally prescribed.

In this ever-changing environment, Training of all staff on current & new developments is crucial to productivity and a quality service.

We follow a non-discriminatory, equal and fair selection criteria.

Benefits to All Employees are:-

  • Annual Leave, Sick Leave & Family Responsibility Leave
  • UIF & COIDA (Compensation for occupational injuries & diseases) cover
  • Funeral & Disability Cover for Employees & Immediate Family
  • Incentivised FNB Investment Account
  • Provident Fund
  • 24 hour hotline for employee wellness assistance
  • Performance Appraisal Bonuses
  • Annual Statutory Benefit Payouts