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Addictlab creates a number of platforms to show your talent and accelerate your ideas. These can be in print, (Ad!dict books & Labfilesmagazines), in exhibitions, via workshops or even a TV show. (Dreaming the New, Johannesburg 2008)

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1. Inspiration showersTM

Every company needs to be inspired. Because of the organic nature of the website, Addictlab ‘s own research and concept database is growing every day. As a company or organization you can tap into this lab, and have our team select inspiring stories and examples for your audience (clients, internal, management, etc)

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2. Trend forecasts & filtering

Addictlab’s proactive methodology allows for continuous attraction of new ideas and people,  of concepts at the beginning of the creative process. This unique position being in front of occurring trends, creates a true reference in its field, resulting in numerous blogs, lectures and articles about the trends to come.

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Imagine a global creative lab on the forefront of creative developments. A place where a brand can tap in to find new ideas on products, communication, innovation and branding. And people understanding all about it.

1. old school brand & advertising consultancy

There is huge inhouse know how on branding, advertising and communication. Check the projects database.

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2. curated crowdsourcing

Let’s be honest. Consumers have a hard time evaluating new ideas and innovation. When you test a new concept in a group of people, chances are that they will go for what they know, not for what they don’t know. When it’s about innovation and daring to change, a company needs to be in the driver’s seat. Normal consumer research packages, therefore, are not the right tools to assess innovative ideas.

The right step to take, is to work with empowered consumers.

Addictlab’s  database of creative thinkers is a valuable resource for conceptual thinking (new ideas), executional power (feasibility), but also as a source for consumer


For projects needing consumer insights and innovation assessment, we are bringing together a number of creative thinkers, out of their normal professional environment, but around a theme and problem they care about and have a personal interest in. These people are open for innovation, can help generate ideas, and evaluate or optimize proposed concepts.

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3. brainstorming sessions: Creative X RayTM

The Creative X-RayTM is a unique methodology enabling complete out of the box thinking. A selection of Labmembers from different disciplines and cultures come together and brainstorm on a project at hand. The client can and should take part. Selection of people is based on their creative thinking & personal interest.

Deliverables: collection of ideas based on your brand, about design, communication, advertising, R&D & more.

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4. Yourownlab.comTM

Your own brand laboratory at hand: a unique way to bring innovation at the very center of your organisation. We’re setting up a lab virtually or for realy  in your premises. This way, uou will have a continuous inhouse innovation tool. Addictlab ‘s innovative approach, our thinking process can be considered as an INTEL inside.

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5. Geobranding consultancy

A country is a brand. A city is a brand. Addictlab ‘s geo-branding theory has multiple objectives.

(1) To discover creative and innovative work from a well defined region, city or country and to display this work on a broader, international platform.

It is important to (2) appreciate the people behind the scene and to involve them in this presentation. Both the concepts and the people are being offered a (3)

highly qualitative platform, so that they can benefit from the promotion on a national and international level. But the project should go further. Identifying the people and organisations involved, (4) incorporating diverse meeting possibilities and (5) setting up projects and programs stimulating innovation and creativity with new talent, individuals, organizations and enterprises.

Keywords: Advertising, Advertising Consultancy, Platforms