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By: Activ  11-11-2011

Monitor any location with this versatile GSM security camera

The Activ B2 remote security camera lets you monitor any location – on your mobile phone! The B2 camera uses a standard GSM SIM card which enables it to send colour MMS pictures and SMS messages to any MMS supported mobile phone with a colour display or to an e-mail address. In addition, the B2 unit also incorporates an infra-red motion detector that will immediately send details of any movement in the surveillance area.

Ideal for home and buisness..

How does the Activ B2 GSM Camera work?

The Activ B2 GSM Camera operates by sending and receiving SMS’s and MMS pictures. Consequently each B2 camera unit is supplied complete with an active MTN SIM card which facilitates full functionality of the GSM Camera. This SIM card does not require a monthly contract, but you will be billed on a monthly basis for the usage of the SIM card. This amount will obviously vary depending on the amount of SMS’s and MMS’s generated by the unit. You will be billed on a monthly basis and the outstanding amount will be collected via our debit order system.  Alternatively, you can supply and install your own MMS-enabled SIM card.

Take a look at these great standard features:

  • Get clear pictures on any MMS supported mobile phone
  • You can control and configure the camera remotely via SMS
  • Listen to audio by calling the camera from your mobile
  • Detect and alarm any motion within the camera monitoring area
  • Wirelessly connect up to 15 devices (door magnet sensor, smoke detector, gas sensor etc.)
  • The camera will send quality pictures in any lighting environment
  • The camera can be programmed to send multimode alarm (SMS, MMS or  E-mail)
  • Flexible schedule can be set remotely with multiple time intervals
  • Wireless connection allows easy installation at any location
  • Includes 2 remote control units for manual operation and panic button
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery ensures continued operation in case of mains power failure
  • Automatic SMS notification in case of power failure
  • Affordable, effective and easy to use

The Activ B2 camera is now available at only R 1,795.00 (Incl.VAT)

Product description:

  • The Activ B2 GSM Security camera uses an installed SIM card to send MMS images to MMS supported mobile phones with a colour display and to a defined e-mail address. The unit incorporates a high quality camera, built-in IR (Infra-Red) motion detector and can automatically send an alarm signal to up to 10 different mobile numbers. The B2 also incorporates multiple, high performance IR lights which allows the camera to capture clear images even if the location is in complete darkness.  The B2 unit is completely controlled via SMS commands from the designated master mobile phone.

Main features:

  • The Activ B2 GSM camera sends clear, high quality images to any mobile phone that supports MMS functionality and has a colour display.
  • Full remote control capability: You can control and configure the B2 GSM camera via a large range of SMS commands from your mobile phone.
  • The Activ B2 allows real time audio: Simply call the unit on normal voice and you can monitor audio remotely.
  • The Activ B2 unit can be set to automatically detect and alarm any motion within the monitoring area. This function can be switched on and off remotely.
  • The Activ B2 incorporates highly effective IR LED lights ensuring that the user receives clear MMS images even in an very dark environment.
  • The Activ B 2 incorporates a 300,000 pixel CMOS camera which produces high quality images.
  • The Activ B2 can send high quality images via MMS or E-mail.
  • Multimode alarm function allows alarm messages to be sent via MMS, SMS or e-mail.
  • SMS commands allows you to set monitor schedules with multiple time intervals.
  • Wireless connection means that the B2 unit can be installed easily in virtually any location.
  • 2 remote control units supplied with each B2 unit allows manual operation and panic button.
  • The Activ B2 unit incorporates a re-chargeable Lithium Ion battery ensuring full operation in case of external (mains) power failure.

Technical specifications

Power adapter  Input: 100V-240V/50Hz  Output: 5.5V DC
Working temperature: -10 C - +45C
Store Temperature:  -10C - +45C
Relative humidity:   10-90%, without condensation
Working band: EGSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900
Communication Protocol: GSM Phase 2/2+ (Including data)
Wireless sensor receiving code:  ASK
Wireless sensor receiving band:   433Mhzor 315 Mhz
Max wireless sensor:    15 units
Effective remote control distance:  10 Metres (wide area)
Image format:                                                   JPEG
Image resolution:  160 x 128, QVGA320 x 240, VGA640 x 480
Camera pixel:         300K
Camera shooting angle:    68 Degrees
Max shooting distance (In dark):  6 metres
Max shooting distance (In light):    10 metres
Lithium Ion battery (Internal):      800mAh
Battery standby time:    12 hours (network dependent)

Package Contents

1 x Remote B2 camera unit                                             
2 x Remote control units
1 x External power adapter
1 x Pre-configured SIM card
1 x Mounting kit
1 x User manual

Want more information?

For more information on the Activ B2 GSM Security Camera or to arrange for a full demonstration on what the system can do for you, call ActivTechnology on (011) 450-3361.

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